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Redmi Note 10 become the first Smartphone with 108MP camera ? All Specification

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Recently, Redmi GM dropped subtle hints that the company might be dropping a new phone in China. Possibly, Redmi will introduce new models of the K30 series and the new Redmi Note 10 in the country.

Rumor has it that the Redmi Note 10 might be a rebranded version of the Mi 10T Lite that released in Europe. Further, a leak predicts that this phone might have a new camera altogether, solely for the Chinese audience.

Redmi Note 10 v/s Mi 10T Lite – Decoding the connection

Tipster Digital Chat Station revealed via Weibo that the phone with ‘J17’ in its model number will have a 108MP camera. The source further predicted that the camera might have “Telephoto” and “Macro” lenses. Previously, when the Mi 10T Lite passed through FCC before launch, its model number stated M2007J17G. Basic general knowledge points out that the ‘G’ in the identification code stands for ‘Global.’ So, the ‘C’ in M2007J17C may stand for China, confirming the product to be a variation of the country. The Mi 10T Lite included features like:

  • 120Hz LCD
  • Snapdragon 750G SoC
  • 4,820mAh battery
  • 64MP sensor
  • Ultra-wide and macro lens

Redmi Note 10 Specifications – Possibly For the Redmi Note 10 ?

The source further leaked the specifications of a blank device, which seems to be connected with Redmi Note 10. The said device features:

  • 120Hz LCD
  • SM7225 SoC (Snapdragon 750G)
  • 108MP camera
  • 4800mAh battery
  • 33W fast charging

The similarity between the two devices is clearly visible. This comparison strengthens the case that Redmi Note 10 is a rebranded version of an older model.

Looking at the SoC, it seems like Xiaomi is keeping its promise of launching more 5G devices in 2020. If the above reports are true, then the Redmi Note 10 will be the first phone to feature a 108MP camera. Further, it is expected to launch for CNY 1,000 ($149).

About Redmi

Redmi is a sub-brand under Xiaomi, a Chinese-electronics company. Initially, it was launched as a budget smartphone and was first announced in July 2013. Later, it became a separate sub-brand under the same company as it produced entry-level and mid-range devices. Redmi devices use the Xiaomi MIUI user interface along with Android.


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