Razer BlackWidow V3

Razer Black Widow V3 Mechanical Keyboard Launched in 3 variants, Starts At 699 $104

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Razer keeps on giving out the most beautiful technical devices we can think of. Razer now works on a new gaming keyboard called BlackWidow V3 mechanical keyboard. The keyboard is available in two shafts, green and yellow created by Razer.

The Razer Black widow Spider V3 makes use of height buttons fully, used for game triggers. Inclusive of total green axis travel of 4mm, touch travel of 1.9mm, touch force of up to 50g, yellow axis total travel of 3.5mm, touch traveling of 1.2mm. The keyboard gives a button living up to 80 million times.

The yellow axis is a land of the axis body inaugurated by Razer in 2017. The key travel is shorter with keys placed closely. Allowing the players to press buttons several times at a faster speed.

The BlackWidow gives a straight up and down linear touch and quiet button sound, satiating gamers’ desire. The Keyboard gives a transparent shaft shell which gives away the Chroma RGB lighting effect. With Thundercloud 3 Software, giving interaction of 150 games plus. Also, you can alter the lighting mode according to space and character

Razer BlackWidow V3

Razer BlackWidow Keyboard efficiency

The keyboard has ABS keycaps crafted using a two-color injection molding process with an excellent coating to efficiently solve the oiling. Razer has worked on width nicely. A groove is present behind the back of the keyboard to intake wires while the wired version has 2 meters of braided fiber cables.

The keyboard sports an aluminum frosted top panel with, 1000Hz speed. The wireless version gives 129 hours of battery backup. Let’s see more on the keyboard.

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Razer Black Widow Spider Keyboard Variations

3 variants are available

104 key Standard Version- Price 899 yuan ($133)

  • 104 keys
  • 4 Multimedia switches
  • Wrist Rest
  • USB Connection
  • 1280 grams with wrist rest
  • A special variant of pink crystal green shaft version

104-Key Wireless Version – Price 1499 yuan ($223)

  • 104 keys
  • 4 Multimedia switches
  • Wrist rest
  • 2.4GHz/ Bluetooth 5.0/USB Connection
  • 1420 grams

87 key sports version – Price 699 yuan ($104)

  • 87 keys
  • No wrist rest
  • USB Connection
  • 840 grams


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