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Rainbow Six Siege announced Tachanka Rework this week

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Ubisoft has announced that the long-awaited Tachanka rework of Rainbow Six Siege will be revealed most probably this week. Soon the Rainbow Six Siege players will get a first glimpse of the Tachanka to rework for which they had waited for a lot. Consequently, it has been all set to get reveal the Tachanka rework on October 7 at 17:00 UTC/13:00 EDT. According to the announcement, Rainbow Six Siege will be accessed on PC, PS4, and also on Xbox One.

Rainbow Six Siege
Rainbow Six Siege

Rainbow Six Siege

Primarily, Rainbow Six Siege was launched in December 2015. Launching the Rainbow Six Siege, Tachanka has proved its reliability and signified itself as the most prominent meme Operator in the game as it is largely unviable. HTachanka has deployed his iconic mounted LMG and that is the main cause for his viability issues. It has stuck him immobile to use it and accordingly allow him to attack from the highly mobile Operators for the creators of Siege’s meta. The turret has to wait for a long amount of time to set up and take down.

Tachanka Rework This Week

According to the latest updates revealed by Ubisoft last month, Tachanka rework is all set to get revealed this week for sure. In the accordance with its release, Ubisoft has fixed his immobility and managed his minimum damage output issues lifting all upon his identity. According to the leaked information, the Russian Defending Operator possesses a Degtyaryov machine gun, but he is looking to be more reliable on the more portable DP-28 as his primary weapon in place of the cumbersome RP-46. In the concern with this, the LMG is now considered as the Tachanka’s primary defensive tool. There is a golden opportunity for Tachanka to reintroduce himself to the demanding competition and this rework will be like the tip of the iceberg.

Rainbow Six Siege Game Rant

Tachanka is looking to refers to his previous gun as DP- 28 but according to some sources, this new gun can easily transportable. As per the leaker, the gun has the enormous power to do 48 damage and can continuously fire 550 rounds per minute, with minimum damage drop-off. Tachanka’s updated bio reveals that the grenade launcher is a big part of the rework, and is meant to address the biggest current issues: lack of damage output and immobility. The portable gun and incendiary grenades will hopefully go a long way toward making Tachanka more of a threat, and therefore more of a viable option for players to pick up. There are some speculations too that Tachanka updates may be coming to the next season of Rainbow Six. Yet official notice has not declared by Ubisoft.  Ahead, it will be a matter to watch for the players as Tachanka have a chance to contribute to the metagame.

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