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Pumpkin Jack Trailer out now, Gameplay Shown Off, Horrifying levels performing some acrobatic movement

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Revealing its trailer, Pumpkin Jack is all set for the launch on October 23, 2020. Accordingly, the brand new launched trailer showcased some latest footage of its haunting gameplay. According to the trailer, the game highlighted a pumpkin-headed Jack going through various horrifying levels performing some acrobatic movements. Eventually, the trailer revealed that Pumpkin Jack explores a cursed world in the game.

Pumpkin Jack trailer released

Just eight days before Halloween, Pumpkin Jack is going to launch the game inspired by the characters Jak and Dexter. According to the trailer released, Jack was on a mission that was given by a devil himself. He has been asked to explore the wizard in the game and needs to destroy him. On the basis of the over-the-top gameplay shown in the trailer, it seems quite easier to say for the gameplay but a little tough to do the task.

Although Pumpkin Jack doesn’t look like a horrifying game from any of the angles. If we look at its tone, music, and scariness, Pumpkin Jack seems something like A Halloween Nightmare just before the day of Christmas. The trailer revealed that the game relies clearly upon the holiday theme with the opportunity to stand-out for anyone looking for a festive experience to enjoy.

Pumpkin Jack Gameplay

The trailer released for the Pumpkin jack proposed a strategy for the game. After watching people can understand the gameplay But here also we are going to provide you the complete gameplay of Pumpkin Jack you need to follow.

  • Colorful Cartoon Setting – The upcoming game Pumpkin Jack will make you travel through lurid landscapes in levels exploring some alluring environment beautifully crafted with many vibrant color palettes along with high-quality lighting effects.
  • Fight For Your Life – Fighting with the beasts all around the corners, players must possess the knowledge of combo attacks including dodging. Players must also be aware of timing to survive dynamic real-time battles. Fo the purpose, players have to unlock weapons and strike down the opponents.
  • Maintain Your Head – Players have to solve puzzles that are centralized to physics including the phenomenon of gravity, and reflection or ditch the skinsuit and just use your head to burn the books around.
  • Find Friends to Accompanied with – You have to find some good friends like a haughty hooty owl for guidance, a crow for itching to partnered for long-range attacks.

Pumpkin Jack story

Pumpkin Jack is a classic scary 3D platformer where there is the Mythical Pumpkin Lord named Jack. The Pumpkin Jack game meant to dive into an epic adventure going through some otherworldly landscapes and to help the Evil annihilate the Good. Players have to just follow the will of the Devil himself that will lead you to a journey in the Boredom Kingdom. The game will let you explore a different atmosphere at different levels all full of colors that will appear so beautiful.


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