Protest in India against France, President Emmanuel Macron – Muslims are protesting against

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Since Friday, October 30 the Muslims are protesting against President Emmanuel Macron. President Emmanuel Macron took a stand against Islamist terror attacks to retain French values and freedom. This is after the belief that terror groups have attacked the Church. But the exceptionality in this problem is that the Indians are in support of the French President Emmanuel Macron, whereas some Muslims in India are opposing him. These Muslims are not protesting what happened with the victims in the Church. But they were protesting against the president for his anti-Islam comments.

The Mumbai, Uttar Pradesh, and Gujarat protests

The protests take a different shape as the posters of the French President were pasted on the streets. This is an insult to the President. These posters were pasted on the busy road in Bhendi Bazaar. However, the officials later removed the posters.

These protests against the France president have taken place over various cities. But in Uttar Pradesh town the people pasted the posted of the President on the road between Jama Masjid and Bada Jiya-ul-Haq. The main reason behind these protests is just for the words of him.

Later these incidents were seen in Gujarat where people were seen holding Macron’s photograph. They were speaking slogans to Boycott France. Even some people have pasted it on a small stretch of a road at Nawab Wada.

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Congress MLA organized the rally

In Bhopal Arif Masood the Congress MLA from Bhopal Central has organized the rallies against the president. Thousands of Muslims were part of that rally. They were all against the president for ill speaking against Prophet Muhammad.

Worldwide rallies

Not only in Mumbai and Uttar Pradesh and the regions in India. But these protests took a big sense. Thousands of Muslims across various nations are protesting against France’s president. Around 10,000 protesters went from Pakistan to Lebanon to the Palestinian territories. Even in Bangladesh, Muslim people burned the  Effigy of the President of France. These were for what the president said. The Muslims were in danger in the context of disrespect of Prophet Muhammad. The crowd in these rallies is asking about the apologies from the president of France in the context of his words. Now the county has raised the security standards due to the riots which are happening inside the country.


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