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Playstation 5 With non removable 825 GB SSD – Can We extent the Capacity ?

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Following the general trend of fast SSD consoles, Playstation 5 is looking to put a hard limit on the life period of the retail unit. Accordingly, Playstation 5 has upgraded 825 GB SSD. The Playstation 5 decided to introduce this unique feature to outpace the Xbox Series X along with the latest desktop computers of 2020. However, users were quite unsure of the latest feature whether the primary SSD would be soldered or removable. Eventually, the official video streamed to clear out that the 825 GB modules are designed to be soldered not removable.

PS 5 soldered 825 GB SSD

Previously, people were not aware of the feature and were doubtful for its processing. PS 5 has confirmed that the 825 GB SSD will be Soldered not removable in approach to presents an interesting scenario for the console. According to the released updates, to provide a secondary expansion, a separate M.2 2230/2242/2280 PCIe 4.0 slot will be provided. With this latest feature, gamers will not have such options on the PS5 to swap out the primary SSds just like on their PS4 or PS 3 versions.

Playstation 5  Limited lifespan of the retail unit

All SSDs have been manufactured along with endurance values in MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures) or they may be calculated in TBW (Terabytes Written). Going with other parts of the device, if they processed smoothly without any issues regarding the interim, then the internal 825 GB SSD will eventually fail to support any more and it will be irreplaceable. Fortunately, The MTBF and TBw values have been set so high before going for any failure. For example, 1 TB Western Digital SN750 NVMe SSD possesses the TBW value of 600 TB. This means that before the degradation of NAND flash that can affect the usage of the drive further, you have to go with either deleting the files or writing files continuously on your Playstation 5 SSD up to 600 TB if we stick to the same TBW value.

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PS5 Other details

According to the current scenario, if users will be able to get an option to install the OS on a secondary M.2 PCIe 4.0 slot for more expansion, then only the rest of the system might be retrieved. This feature will definitely be remarkable for those who have been stuck with the improper processing of internal SSD drives. As per the latest updates, Sony is looking to launch its console by the time of a month ahead globally. For further updates, stay tuned with us.


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