OnePlus 8T – Released a short film shot on the OnePlus 8T with affordable price range

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The OnePlus 8T has been trending in the market due to its surprisingly affordable price range. It has also been termed as the best smartphone in its price category. Revising upon its features, the OnePlus 8T comes with a 120 Hz Fluid AMOLED screen and has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 chipset processor. It has a quad-cam setup and a 65W Warp Charge. While promoting the phone, the camera was something that the company focused on specifically. Now, in a promotional campaign, the company has released a short film that was shot on the phone itself.

OnePlus 8T

Shot on OnePlus 8T

In a promotional campaign, OnePlus released a short film with the name Stop at Nothing. The main motive behind it was to increase awareness about using technology productively and taking time to disconnect from the virtual world. It promoted the idea of digital well-being. The short film features Kalki Koechlin and is produced by Lightstream. The latest flagship phone is capable of shooting 4K footages at 60 frames per second.

In the film, Kalki narrated the poem, Stop at Nothing, which sheds light on the cons of being connected online 24/7. It emphasized the importance of disconnecting at regular intervals. The poem also promoted the original motive of why digital platforms and technology were created in the first place – to create, connect, and collaborate.

OnePlus 8T Camera

OnePlus has repeatedly promoted the camera of its latest smartphone. Earlier, the company teased its camera sample on Twitter with the caption,

When the stars come up, we bring our OnePlus 8T out!

Since the very beginning, it has held on to the camera aspect of the phone and promoted it at every opportunity it received. And the camera has indeed lived up to the standard of its hype. Now, OnePlus is flaunting the camera with its latest short film, which, as mentioned earlier, was shot on the OnePlus 8T.

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Siddhant Narayan’s statement OnePlus 8T

The Head of Marketing at OnePlus India confirmed the motive of the short film as he mentioned the need to disconnect and take time for oneself. On the campaign, he commented,

We live in a time where our smartphones have become our one-stop destination for everything from work and news updates to entertainment and connecting with loved ones. With this film, we hope to make people cognizant of using technology for the betterment of ourselves, emphasizing the importance of disconnecting from time to time.


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