Fri. Jan 21st, 2022
Glow Season 4
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Glow won’t be there anymore. The popular Netflix Drama is evicted despite earlier shooting for a renewed fourth season. The shoot for Season 4 was already in progress, but the COVID-19 pause put up a full stop to the whole scenario.

The sudden pulling away of Season has aficionados angry and filing petitions. In order to receive GLOW end fans are trying whatever they can. Fans are angry and have filed 3500 signatures in 4 days to get GLOW back.

Glow Season 4

The GLOW was in three weeks of production when the final plug was pulled hampering the process. One Episode was already finished and the other one started when Netflix talks of cancelation. There were plenty of reasons for cancelation, inclusive of intense physicality in the series.

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Why was GLOW canceled?

The show revolves around female wrestlers from the 1980s. Implying actors had to stay in close proximity to shoot. This is a big roadblock with the pandemic going on, but the wrestling act in Glow can’t be shoot without risking the health of the crew and everyone on the film set.

GLOW main leads Liz Flahive and Carly Mensch to talk about the cancellation in a written statement. Expressing how saddened they are on actual lives taken they are also disheartened. Thy is not glad that the liberty they had to create women wrestling in comedy form is snapped off.

Alternate to Glow Season 4

Marc Maron has come up with an idea for disheartened fans. He on Social Media puts across the idea of a GLOW movie that can extract the plot of Season 4 in a crisp 2 hr video. He says let’s wrap the season in 2 hr Netflix movie.

Further, he asks the people to give the cast, writers, and crew a chance to complete the story in a film. Maron comes up with a challenging argument, telling how costs would be reduced along with the production risks. He says the financial burden can be pulled off, writers will do their work and shoot will go. He further states less time would be required.

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