Nvidia launched RTX 3000

Nvidia launched RTX 3000 series – Big Range of graphics cards in India – AMD could the biggest Rival

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Shortly after NVIDIA announced the release of its RTX 20 series, Colorful Technology Company Limited announced its new line-up of GeForce RTX 30 series graphics cards. The company is a well-known manufacturer of graphics cards, motherboards, and many such technological products. Speaking of the line-up, the Vulcan, Neptune, Advanced, Ultra, and Battle-Ax Series models will all feature several premium features to enhance the gaming experience for all kinds of gamers.

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Features of the RTX 30 Series

The new NVIDIA GeForce RTX 30 series GPUs feature:

  • New RT Cores
  • Tensor Cores
  • Streaming multiprocessors
  • Breathtaking visuals
  • Rapid frame rates
  • AI acceleration to games and creative applications

Powered by the NVIDIA Ampere architecture, the RTX 30 Series has the ability to project 8K resolution graphics. Further, Colorful will be introducing the iGame Center to the GeForce RTX 30 Series graphics cards. The app provides a simplified RGB lighting control along with an overclocking function for Colorful graphics cards.

Vulcan and Advances Series

The Vulcan model has a visible multi-function LCD. It has an upgraded LCD 3.0 with a 480mm x 120mm screen size. When the card is mounted vertically, the display can be flipped up to 90 degrees to make it visible to the user. One can use the LCD to check custom JPG images, GIFs, system info, and much more. Moreover, this model has one of the largest displays ever embedded on a graphics card. The Vulcan also has a 3-slot triple-fan cooler for efficient cooling of the GPU. Colorful is providing a toolbox along with this model, which comprises a screwdriver, a VGA holder, and a microfiber cloth used to clean the display.

The Advanced model has the upgraded Silver Fox 3.0 cooling engine for exceptional cooling performance. Similar to the Vulcan, this model has the 3-slot triple-fan cooler as well. It provides stability and rapid cooling to run the demanding titles smoothly. On its central fan, the Advanced series includes RGB lighting for added illumination. This model, too, comes with a toolbox consisting of a screwdriver and VGA holder.

The Ultra and NB Series

The Ultra is designed to match the gaming lifestyle. It has RGB lighting effects, which the user can synchronize with all iGame products through the iGame Center app. To ensure efficient cooling, it includes a slim 3-slot form-factor with three cooling fans. Two of them are 90mm, while the other one is 80mm.

The NB Series is the most compatible model for long gaming sessions. Similar to the other models, this one too has a triple-fan cooler. It delivers aggressive dissipation of heat to ensure an improved gaming performance. Compared to its previous version, the new NB series has adapted to the triple-fan cooling structure.


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