Nomad of nowhere season 2 – episodes are in the planning stage, Release date, Cast, Plot what more we know

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Nomad of Nowhere ended with a message during the final episode, and this gives an indication that the series would return. During an event, the team confirmed more episodes are in the planning stage, but due to company reconstruction of the animation department, the production process to start will take some time. As per media sources, not many details are available regarding season 2. No official announcement has been made so far by the creators.

The series has been liked by the audience for a great sense of humor and a blend of genres.

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Nomad of nowhere season 2

Nomad of nowhere season 2 Release date – Coming Soon

1st episode aired from March 23 – September 28, 2018, a total 12 episodes of minimum duration 18 mins per episode. It is released on the Rooster teeth website. After a gap of 2years, it is going to release in English and two different languages. From 2018 slowly it started a good pickup. Girls fall in love with the lead character and they started liking her and eagerly waiting for the new season. Rooster tooth had emerged a gain of subscribers in the past years they are going big. Coming with new content that teens and youth can enjoy the shows. This new season will be aired from the coming October.

Nomad of Nowhere Season 2 plot

In this new season, we are going to have a new character that changes the story of the skout. She is going to fell for him and toth left the Dandy lions it shows that it is the end of that character. But it is not the end of toth. she is going to return in the third or fourth episode. Rooker tooth officials said that a new character is going to be placed in this season. Voice for this character is given by a Hollywood actor.

This time you are going to have a different experience and comedy, love, and fun.

That’s all for” Nomad of Nowhere ” for more news about animated series keep in touch with us until then, stay safe, and stay healthy.

Overview Of Nomad Of Nowhere Season 2

Nomad of Nowhere is an American 2D animated series. On the website of Rooster Teeth in March 2018, the series was released. The show is created by Georden Whitman. The story is a western fantasy hybrid focused on a mute wanderer hunted for being capable of using magic to give life to inanimate objects.

The series creator describes it as the narrative growth of Skout and Toh, which is his favorite part of the story. He also said that the series is suited for all the age groups. Skout is the favorite character of the creator.

A magical being in the form of a nomad moves over a desolate Western environment. But he has to run because of bounty hunters and others who want to capture him.

Nomad of nowhere season 2 Cast , Main Characters behind the characters

  • The Nomad is the series namesake
  • Captain Toth voiced by Danu Uribe
  • Skout voiced by Elizabeth Maxwell
  • Red Manuel voiced by Alejandro Saab
  • Don Parragon voiced by Max Dennison
  • El Rey voiced by John Swasey


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