Nintendo Lawsuit : Wins $2 Million Lawsuit Against Switch Hackers

Nintendo Lawsuit : Wins $2 Million Lawsuit Against Switch Hackers

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Nintendo came forward to take another important positive step fighting against Switch piracy and significantly, Nintendo won this authentic long struggle with the Lawsuit of $2 million. The Lawsuit filed against the website of Switch hackers. Consequently, Nintendo Switch games are now rewarded with 42 Million. As per the records, this lawsuit battle is the latest entry in the history of gaming’s legal fights.

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Nintendo Lawsuit against Switch Hackers

Back in the month of May Nintendo Switch Games filed a lawsuit of $2 Million against the hacking website and its owner Mr. Tom Dilts Junior. Nintendo claimed that the hacking website was offering tools to the customers that can enable them to have fun with the pirated games. Those hacking tools are created by Team-Xecuter which as another hacking circle. Team-Xecuter has reported several other jailbreak hacks for the Switch.

Nintendo Lawsuit : Wins $2 Million Lawsuit Against Switch Hackers

$2 Million Lawsuit Settlement

Gamasutra released a report and quoted that Nintendo concluded a lawsuit charged against the website Uberchips and its owner claiming to sell the privacy terms of Nintendo Switch games. The final settlement has done with a reward of $2 million to Nintendo. It has also been ordered Uberchips to destroy any kind of file or device that violates any of the copyrights of Nintendo. Afterward, Uberchips will also not be allowed to sell homogeneous products anymore. While it’s said that both parties have settled on the terms, the agreement has yet to be signed by a judge. The site and its owner Tom Dilts Junior have agreed to go with the submission of a $2 million in the accordance with judgment ordered by the Northern District Court of Ohio.

Privacy Concern

Nintendo was dealing with such issues of privacy selling for many years. As per the reports, the Switch is one of them and the latest concern in the series. Piracy selling is such a serious issue all gaming companies face many times. Whenever there is any release of the new solace, hackers instantly started to find different methods of pirating that software for their benefit. And avoiding all the legal reverberations, the hackers start to sell their hacks for their profits.


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