Melbourne Lockdown

NewsChain Melbourne Lockdown Lifted After 111days, relaxations for the workers, businessman, and other working people

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The world is under lockdown since the Coronavirus Pandemic outbreak. But eventually, the citizens are given some relaxations due to economic problems created due to lockdown in the countries. As the world is moving towards unlocking Melbourne’s lockdown rules were lifted on Wednesday. The government took this decision since the city is under lockdown for 111 days, after these 111 days now there will be relaxations for the workers, businessman, and other working people.

Melbourne Lockdown

Lockdown changes in the city

This lockdown will allow 6,200 retail stores, 5,800 cafes and restaurants, 1,000 Beauty salons, and 800 pubs to reopen. However, due to the opening of such places, this will give jobs to around 180,000 people. The economy of the world is devastated to a larger extend. Things are still very bad but due to the economy, the government needs to open things. But there are some rules and regulations for the people that they need to wear masks. The masks for the people remains compulsory. Also, people are asked not to travel more than 25 kilometers (16miles) from home. However, the work from home remains to continue. Australia seems to have the strict lockdown and now the restrictions have been uplifted. Whereas Melbourne in the summer became the epicenter of the country’s second coronavirus wave. It has recorded the new daily rising above 700 in August when the rest of Australia was already rolling back in the restrictions.

People are also allowed to visit each other homes. They can also travel to some distance from their homes. Household gatherings are also allowed. But the Gatherings will remain at a limit of 10 people. Now the people can also have indoor household gatherings. Also, there can be up to 10 people will be allowed to gather for indoor religious gatherings. And up to 20 people faith leader allowed outdoors. Weddings are also allowed to have 19 people. Whereas for mourners will be 20 for outdoor gatherings.

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Change from November 9

Till now their relaxation is for limited services only. But from November 9. The gyms will get open. Also now the people gathering for religious gatherings, restaurants, pubs, cafes, bars, have fewer numbers from November 9 will have more number of people. The accommodation will get an increase. Still, people are asked to wear masks that too they are compulsory.


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