Murder Detective: Jack the Ripper - Much Awaited available on iOS, Android in Japan

Murder Detective: Jack the Ripper – Much Awaited available on iOS, Android in Japan

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2020 has brightened up for Murder Detective: Jack the Ripper Japanese fans, as the makers have finally decided to release the game on iOS and Android. Nippon Ichi Software first released the game on the PlayStation 4 in Japan back in April 2019. Now, the game is available on the App Store and Play Store for 1,960 Yen. 

The premise of the game

The story follows a private detective named Arthur Hewitt as he investigates several murders. However, he struggles with a dark secret. After seeing a dead body, Arthur realizes he can see a phantom known as Jack the Ripper. He acts as a partner to Arthur and brings up a series of tough choices for him.

In Chapter 1, the regular life in London faces a disruption when a series of murders start to occur every night. Despite bringing in countless victims and suspects, the London Police are unable to find the serial murderer. Here, private detective Arthur Hewitt steps in to take over the cases. When he stumbles across the scene of a murder in an alley, the police start suspecting him to be the culprit. To prove his innocence and to end this episode, he decides to hunt down the serial murderer. 

Murder Detective: Jack the Ripper - Much Awaited available on iOS, Android in Japan

On his journey, he faces several difficulties with the phantom ridiculing him every second of the investigation. As he steadily moves further, his office receives a call from a girl named Meryl Rose. A concerned Meryl requests Arthur to investigate into her older brother, Daryl’s activities. She is suspicious of him as she seems him go to town every night and return with heaps of money. An impulsive Jack cuts Arthur and accepts the case. But, Arthur already has a responsibility to prove himself innocent and catch the real culprit. What will Arthur do?

About the developer

Nippon Ichi Software, a Japanese video game developer and publisher, developed a series of role-playing video games. It was founded in September 1991 in Japan as an entertainment software company. Some of their games include Disgaea and Marl Kingdom tactical role-playing series, as well as La Pucelle: TacticsPhantom BraveMakai Kingdom: Chronicles of the Sacred Tome, and Soul Nomad & the World Eaters. They have also released animes in America through their North American branches. 


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