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Monster Santuary going to launch for PS4, Xbox One, Switch and PC, All Features

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Monster Sanctuary is looking to get an exit from its Early Access. Accordingly, it will be going to launch for PlayStation 4, including Xbox One, Switch, and PC through Steam. According to the announcement that came from publisher Team17 along with developer Moi Rai Games, Monster Sanctuary will be launched on December 8.

Monster Sanctuary to be launched

In the Early Access, Monster Sanctuary has grown up with a series of some important updates. It has been broadening its fantastical worlds including the introduction of player vs player gameplay along with the new areas to explore. It will also include the volcanic Magma Chamber, the claustrophobic Underworld, and the mechanical Mystical Workshop.

Monster Santuary Key Features

From time to time Monster Sanctuary keeps on updating its game and the gameplay featuring some different key features to the game. Features of the upcoming version are listed:

  • Overcome and Collect Beasts – Bothe the great and small creatures are available in the game to collect them and the battle then be upgraded with the help of deep skill trees.
  • Be the best Monster Keeper – There will be a mysterious force that will threaten the peace between monsters and humans. Players have to unravel all these secrets through the story.
  • Battle in Tactical Three vs Three Combat – Player rosters of monsters have an option to fight with AI or any other players in a turn-based three versus three systems of the game by using a combo of elemental attacks.
  • Discovering Deep Metroidvania World – Going from the depths of the Underworld to the peak of the Snowy Heights, there is a lot of things to explore, using the skills of monster to reveal the hidden areas.
  • Items and Gear Aplenty – Going through their journey, players will find a plethora of useful items that may even open new avenues of navigation.

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Monster Santuary Announced for PS4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC

As per the statement proposed by the director of Moi Rai Games, Dennis Sinner, the release of the game will bring a five-year journey which will be so much exciting. The new version has been featured for PS4, Xbox One, Switch Games, and also on desktop computers. Dennis Sinner mentioned in the press release that since they had launched the game into Early Access last year, they have received a lot of feedback through the community and that is the only kick that helps them out to improve their game.


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