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Mint Mobile owned by Ryan Reynolds ? Including unlimited plan 5G for $30 a month

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Actor Ryan Reynolds is officially a shareholder and owner of Mint Mobile. Ryan bought his chunk of Mint Mobile share in November 2019 and officially stamped his ownership. For a long time, Ryan has been a part of Mint Mobile advertisement and marketing.

Ryan Reynolds, the 43-year-old actor, producer, and entrepreneur from Vancouver, Canada, has been in the show business since 1991. He has portrayed the title character of Deadpool, Green Lantern, and Detective Pikachu and won many acclamations recently.

Ryan Reynolds has been a part of Mint Mobile for a long period of time

Ryan bought Mint Mobile shares on November 25, 2019. He wittily said that he likes being a mobile carrier owner because it is a bit different. A Ryan’s tweet read he paid himself a $15 monthly salary for owning Mint Mobile

For a long period of time, Ryan Reynolds has been the face of Mint Mobile advertisements. He has been a responsible Mint Mobile teammate and marketed Mint Mobile’s many low-cost plans portraying different characters. Now that Ryan Reynolds has publicly announced his Mint Mobile ownership the number of customers is likely to increase.

A statement from the Mint Mobile said Reynolds will contribute to the marketing, communications, and strategic decision making sectors. Though, the company did not disclose the amount of Ryan Reynolds’ investment.

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Mint Mobile was founded in 2012

Mint Mobile is T-Mobile’s prepaid telecommunication service. Mint provides LTE and 5G service to its users for 3 months, 6 months, and 1 year on a single recharge. The service cost for each month reduces with a longer period of recharge. Ryan said Mint Mobile costs $ 15 for 3 GB of wireless data.

Founded by David Glickman in 2012, Mint Mobile was a subsidiary of Ultra Mobile and recently became an individual entity. However, after Ryan Reynolds’ ownership, David Glickman works as CEO of the company.

Mint Mobile is not Reynolds’ first Purchase

Mint Mobile is not the first company purchase added in Ryan Reynolds’ portfolio. In 2019 Ryan bought Aviation Gin, a company developed in Portland. Recently he signed a promotional tie-up with Samsung and Netflix. He will have multiple jobs in the project. Ryan will promote Netflix’s new original movie, 6 Underground, and will feature in an advertisement convincing his followers that Samsung QLED TV is best for watching movies at home.


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