Fri. Sep 17th, 2021
MINI Cooper SE
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The MINI Cooper SE is a next-gen electronic car. Motorweek used a very simple, effective, and truthful adjective to describe the experience of driving the car. Calling it ‘fun,’ Motorweek reminded everyone that the two words go well together ever since MINI was launched about 60 years ago. Even though that wasn’t the primary goal of the developers, MINI went on to become quite famous. With evolving times, MINI, too, is upgrading with the Cooper SE being the first step towards evolution.

MINI Cooper SE

Creating the Cooper SE

The engineers at Oxford did a phenomenal job at creating the Cooper SE. They required some help from BMW and started with a great base. The MINI has a two-door hardtop design and is an efficient car for daily use. Giving it a hint of electricity makes it much better. Another major improvement in the car is that it doesn’t weigh much. The weight penalty induced by the batteries isn’t as much as it was thought to be. Thus, a joy-ride in the car is much smoother.

Motorweek’s review in a gist

According to the review, Motorweek sounded highly impressed with the functioning of the MINI Cooper SE. Since they have been in the business of reviewing cars for a significant amount of time, few employees got the opportunity to test drive the MINI electronic prototypes. BMW offered it as an experiment to measure their driving habits. The review mentioned an interesting point. It said that the current model doesn’t offer a hell of a lot more range than those older prototypes.

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However, the current model is a refined, finished product and doesn’t seem like an experiment. It is an apt car for daily commutes. Furthermore, it is the perfect city car due to its non-existent emissions and compact size. Thus, personal carbon-footprint is reduced to some extent. Check out the full review at

About the MINI Cooper SE

The MINI Cooper SE is an electric car developed by engineers at Oxford along with the help of BMW. The car’s i3s-driven powertrain makes 184hp and 270Nm of torque. This is mated to a 32.6Wh battery mounted below the passenger seat. The battery delivers a 235-270km WLTP-certified range. As of now, the car remains unreleased. However, when it is launched, it will be one of the coming-of-age cars with no competitors in its field.

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