MIJIA Braun Electric Shaver Launched : Water Resistance, Sharp and comfortable - now Available at $29

MIJIA Braun Electric Shaver Launched : Water Resistance, Sharp and comfortable – now Available at $29

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A couple of days before on 28 September 2020, Xiaomi has introduced the brand new Mijia Braun Electric Shaver in the sequence of its home market China. Consequently, the crowdfunding has been started from Today itself. The new product is now available for crowdfunding at the net price of 199 yuan ($29). According to the company, the shipment will be going to start by 14 October.

Crowdfunding at $29

The new device Mijia Braun Electric Shaver possesses a tag price of 199 yuan which has been released today. In actual considering its retail price, it will be worth 249 yuan (~$36). The crowdfunding exercise gets down to business at sharp 10 am today. As per the announcement, when this campaign of crowdfunding will be over, the Mijia Braun Electric Shaver will be costs with its retail price 249 yuan.

 MIJIA Braun Electric Shaver Launched : Water Resistance, Sharp and comfortable - now Available at $29

Sharp and comfortable

Mijia Braun Electric Shaver offers 899 different sizes of meshes. The company affirmed that the device has been designed to keep the reference to the pressure providing a sharp and more comfortable shave. The company Xiaomi declared that the latest electric shaver was designed with a compact body shape for easy carrying and handling. The knife net introduced to the shaver is specially made up of high-profile German stainless steel which is primarily inspired by dragonfly wings. The product is wholly water-proof which makes it easier to clean or rinse in water and supports both dry and wet shaving.

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Exclusive power and battery

Mijia Braun Electric Shaver possesses enormous power and access to good battery life. The brand new Electric Shaver has the exclusive power as its motor possesses the ability to rotates at 7200 per minute which makes it so sharp to give a smooth shave. It has been accompanied by the independent floating double cutter heads which have been designed especially for the facial contours. Additionally, it has a German-made cutting sharp knife and skin-friendly tooth combs. The whole combination provides a comb first and then a clean and smooth shave.

If we look at its battery life then it is also remarkable. The device can be processed up to 40 minutes of use which you can consider almost equal to 21 days of battery life if it will have the usage of 3 min per day. It is accompanied by a Quick charger that can provide the device the battery life of 1 hour and within just 5 minutes of charging.


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