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Microsoft has unveiled The Mandalorian Wireless Xbox Controller and Xbox Pro Charging Stand Set, Pre-order Starts

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Microsoft has unveiled The Mandalorian Wireless Xbox Controller and Xbox Pro Charging Stand Set. This controller set is now available on pre order at the Microsoft Store. It costs around $169.99. it includes battery and matching stand. There is some exciting news that this Xbox Controller offers some amazing collaboration with Disney The Mandalorian Season 2. There will be some exciting insight which will come with this collaboration.

Mandalorian Wireless

Mandalorian Controller Features

With the release of the second season of streaming hit TV series The Mandalorian by Disney Plus. This new Xbox Controller has been unveiled by the company in this context. The new gadget will features Mando’s helmet, armor, and insignia. All this on the front and Baby Yoda on the rear. This Xbox is a handful with Xbox One systems also with the upcoming Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. This has made up with reminiscent of beskar steel. The D Pad is completely redesigned by the company. It has textured grips on the triggers, bumpers, and the back case. This will also allow the players to to quickly take the screenshot of game clips. The company gave three design options for the players. They could choose any design among the available ones. These designs include black and white color scheme for each of the two next generation systems. Also with a shock blue two tone design. This new controller will be available by November 10 in the market. However, it is little more costlier than the standard versions of the Xbox One Series. This will later release after the two months of the start of the show.

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Mandalorian Season 2 Xbox

This new season will have 8 episodes in total. And each of them will release every Friday starting from October 30, 2020. The chapter 16 will release on Friday December 18. This new season will bring much more excitement and more features to the players. The Mandalorian and the Child, gave a start to their journey whe facing enemies and rallying allies. Later they will come to a galaxy in the tumultuous era after the collapse of the Galactic Empire. This will have some new adventure for the players in the game.


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