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Michael Reese was shot down and killed in his own Morris, Alabama, on February 18, 2015. One month later, the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office found Reese’s wife, Cindy Kaye Henderson Reese partnered with Jeffrey David Brown guilty in the murder of Reese and accordingly arrested both of them. Eventually, the case explored out yesterday. According to the detectives, they found evidence for the affair of Cindy Reese with Jeffery Brown who was the church pastor. Together they decided to kill Michael Reese for being together.

Michael Reese

Michael Reese Shot & Killed

As usual, Cindy and Michael Reese went to the church on February 18, 2015, and during the initial investigation, Cindy Reese told detectives that after church she went to a local store. According to the reports, on returning home, Cindy told detectives that she found the house was looking like robbed so she called 911 at around 8 p.m. On the arrival at the murder site, police found the dead body of Michael Reese in the kitchen portion of his home being shot.

Christian stated that detectives found no mark or any clue of forced entry and surprisingly nothing was missing from the home as told by Cindy in her statement of robbery. During the trial of Reese, the prosecution argued that after returning from the church to home, Cindy herself shot her husband in the back of his head. After it, she went to the local store and bought some groceries for the home. She staged the home to look like a robbery just before approaching to dial at 911, according to the prosecutors. The Outlet reported that in December 2016, Cindy Reese was found guilty for the murder of her husband Micahel Reese going through a jury deliberation of almost 90 minutes.

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The Story Behind Michael Reese Murder

As stated by Michael Reese’s obituary, Cindy Kaye and Michael Reese married five years back. According to the statement, Reese was Cindy Reese’s second husband who met the first time after the suicide of her first husband. The couple was the regular member of the regional church. They both enjoyed a peaceful marriage together until 2013 when Jeffery Brown designated as the senior pastor at their church. As per the reports, Brown and Cindy began an affair that was eventually explored by other church leaders. However, Brown stepped down from his role as a church pastor just before the news aired to the entire town.  It is still unclear whether Michael Reese was aware of his wife’s affair or not. According to some sources, Cindy Reese offered Brown some cash for his car along with an apartment after his stepping down from his role.

Reese Killed by his Wife

Being found guilty in the murder of Michael Reese, his wife Cindy kay Reese and Jeffery Brown got arrested and charged with the murder. Reese and Brown presented different stories during the process of the trial of Reese. Along with Cindy, Brown was charged with murder in the 2015 shooting death, and afterward Brown also found the culprit for manslaughter in 2016. For manslaughtering, Brown sentenced to prison for 20 years. At the trial, Cindy Reese admitted to being in an affair but she loved her husband and did not kill him. She mentioned that Brown had killed him, not her.


Vaishali Chaudhary

She always suggests her readers follow her words, not her actions. Moreover, She works on effective content keeping simplicity in her writings. Contact her at [email protected]

By Vaishali Chaudhary

She always suggests her readers follow her words, not her actions. Moreover, She works on effective content keeping simplicity in her writings. Contact her at [email protected]

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