Mecha Kit M1

Mecha Kit M1 launched, Ninebot Self-balancing Scooter Here is Latest Price and Features

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Ninebot has launched a self-balancing scooter. For those who want to ride a scooter, this seems to be an amazing invention by the company. This will come in the market from November 1. The customers could now be able to buy it from Taobao from November 1 to November 30. The price of Mecha Kit M1 is 1399 Yuan which is $208. But if you will buy this kit along with a self-balancing scooter then the price will be 2498 Yuan which is $372.

Mecha Kit M1

Mecha Kit M1 Overview

This new balancing Mecha Kit M1 is basically a scooter which anyone could use it. I think when you were a kid you have dreamt about such a unique and amazing gadget. This gadget chair has two control sticks on each of its sides. These control sticks gave you the control to go forward or backward. It also gives you control when you are turning the wheel. This gadget has two red triggers for the bomb launcher on each of its side of the armrest. With this, the user can fire in burst or strife. This Mecha Kit has a buckle and quick release screw design This enables the user to assemble the gadget in just five minutes. You can also control this gadget with your phone or using the Ninebot application. This kit also adopts a buckle with a screw quick release design. This gadget is assembled in five minutes. The players can experience the remote gameplay. This will give an experience as if you are inside some games.

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Age and suitability

The company gave the guidelines that this gadget is for the people who are over the age of 14 years. It could not be operated by little kids. However, this is something exciting for the adults to enjoy such an amazing gadget in their adulthood. This unique gadget will give you an amazing experience that you have not felt yet in your life.

This is the second time that the company has launched such a gadget the first one was the Go-kart. This product is themed after Mecha. This has highly focused on new innovations, inventions, and many more. But the new gadget is an entirely amazing product.


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