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Mafia Definitive Edition First Post Launch – Update Now Available, Noir Mode, Custom HUD Options

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Publisher 2K Games and Developer Hangar 13 have given the prime post-launch update for Mafia Definitive Edition adds the classic Noir Mode visual option and many more.

Mafia Definitive Edition New Features

  1. Custom HUD Options– You can use the options to customize the in-game HUD. If you want to convert your findings of Lost Heaven to feel less guiding or to take a screenshot.
    Switch on/off the world-chief marker
    Switch off/on the mini-map enemy markers for all difficulty settings
    Switch navigation on/off to get rid of instructions and the minimap
    Minimal HUD mode can be used to hide HUD elements inclusive of the mini-map, the speedometer, and text while playing
  2. Noir Mode – You can click on Noir Mode to enjoy Mafia: Definitive Edition’s gameplay and cinematics with a classy black and white look. Noir mode can be set on and off through the game options screen.
  3. Free Ride Content– Now while you’re racing and enjoying Freeride mode, with the mode of transport and the place. One can find new game features that are present in the mode

Bug improvements on the Mafia Definitive Edition

  • The developer has taken to resolve the reported problems that sometimes disabled the right vehicles from opening in the player garage after completing the optional Lucas Bertone Missions. Players who complete the Bertone Missions will find the right transport in the garage after the bug resolve
  • Another concern resolved is special assassination animation wasn’t working efficiently during the mission “The Saint and The Sinner”
  • Some screen issue regarding cinematics showing black screen

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Issue Resolution and Mafia Definitive Edition

Mafia: Definitive Edition quotes ”When all is not what it seems”. The game is set in Lost Heaven, the 1930s when the city is hit by Depression. The depression paving way for lucrative business motives for criminals.

The few policemen are working hard to maintain peace in the city. Some of the key ingredients to the game are ‘Be a part of the family, A Masterpiece Remade and Return to Lost Haven’. If issues pop with Mafia: Definite edition even after update can be submitted through a ticket on


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