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Logitech G partnership with Riot Games, Will launch Gaming Products

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The latest announcement has revealed that Logitech G has teamed up with Riot Games to launch a few officially licensed League of Legends (LoL) gaming products. The announcement on Businesswire was made by Logitech itself to highlight its partnership along with official details of the product. Logitech G and Riot Games will be introducing a gaming Headset, in-ear Earphones, Wireless Mouse, and a Mouse Pad.

League of Legends is a decade-old multi-player game developed by Riot Games. To date, it is the most played game on the PC. K/DA is an in-game term which stands for Kill, Death, and Assists. It is also a virtual girl K-pop group having five of the themes characters in-game. They are Leader Ahri, Akali, Evelynn, Seraphine, and Kai’Sa.

Pricing and Availability of the Products

The four exclusive products will initially be available on the Logitech G website in China. The rest of the world will have to wait until 2021 to get a hold of these. But, the wait is not as long as it seems! The prices of the products are mentioned below.

  • Logitech K/DA G733 Lightspeed Wireless RGB Gaming Headset – $129.99
  • Logitech K/DA G333 in-ear earphones – $49.99
  • Logitech K/DA G304/G305 LIGHTSPEED Wireless Gaming Mouse – $59.99
  • Logitech K/DA G840 XL Gaming Mouse Pad – $49.99

About the Logitech K/DA Headset and in-ear Earphones

The Logitech K/DA G733 Wireless RGB Wireless Headset has an Ahri theme with K/DA logo on the earcups. It has white accents with bluish-green lighting and dual-layer black earpads. Some of its features are:

  • Weighs 278g
  • 29Hr battery life
  • USB-C port
  • 20m wireless range
  • 40mm PRO-G driver
  • 20Hz-20kHz response
  • 6mm boom detachable mic

The in-ear Earphones have the same white and blue aesthetics. However, it comes with an Akali theme. The ear tips are blue, the housing is silver, and the cable is white. It features:

  • Dual audio drivers of 5.8mm and 9.2mm, respectively
  • 3.5mm gold-plated port
  • Bass-audio for powerful gaming

About the Wireless Mouse and XL Mouse Pad

The Logitech Lightspeed Wireless Gaming Mouse has the K/DA logo on the right-click button and has black and blue accents. It features:

  • 99g in weight
  • USB port
  • macOS
  • Windows
  • Chrome OS
  • Kai’sa theme
  • HERO sensor with 12,000 DPI
  • 1ms report rate
  • 250hrs battery life

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The XL Gaming Mouse Pad is 15.75×35.43-inches. It covers the Keyboard, Mouse, and other accessories in a single surface with 3mm thickness. It features all five characters and has the logo of both K/DA and Logitech G. The company has mentioned that the pad provides great accuracy, quick hand, and mouse movements while gaming.


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