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Log Horizon Season 3 – All set to air soon – Cast, Plot, Release Date – Everything you need to know

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A treat for the Log Horizon fans is on its way! After six years, the third season of this anime-based show is finally coming out. The show is based on a novel series written by Mamare Touno. Previously, it has been compared a lot with the popular anime series Sword Art Online. However, fans disagree with the statements about their similarity. They claim that the only similarity between the two shows is that they are both placed in a gaming setup. Fans love the show and are delighted to be assured of the third season.

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Log Horizon Season 3 Release Date – When will it premiere ?

Season 3 was supposed to hit the platforms in October 2020. However, due to the pandemic, the release had to be postponed. A recent teaser of the show revealed that fans could finally break their meditative wait in January 2021. 

The first season aired in 2013. Due to the overwhelming response, the makers agreed to make a season 2, which was released the following year. The two seasons have 50 episodes together. After six years, the third season is all set to hit the screens, but it will only have 12 episodes.

Log Horizon Season 3 Cast and Crew

There is no official information available about any new cast members yet. Although, fans are expected the characters from season 2 to return once again. They are:

  • Shiroe, voiced by Akuna Terashima
  • Emiri Katou as Akatsuki
  • Matsuo as Izusu
  • Tomoaki Maeno as Naotsugu
  • Naotsugu, voiced by Maeno
  • Nyata, voiced by Nakata

Log Horizon Season 3 Plot – What will Happen ?

Log Horizon showcases a popular game called Elder. When the game releases a new expansion pack for its giant fanbase, 30,000 hardcore Japanese gamers are dragged into the game permanently in their game-avatars. The show revolves around Shiroe, who is an awkward college student in real life. But, when he enters this new world, he has this new-found energy. Shiroe and his friends decide to stick together no matter what and start exploring their new life. 

The first season focused on the surprise factor of each character and how they teamed-up to build their guild. In the second season, the characters faced several obstacles and tasks, which made it hard to survive. Shiroe had an impressive character development as he tried to overcome his fears. The third season may focus on the invasion of Tenwazavai. It is sure to bring in a lot of twists and turns along with several new monsters and action sequences. Fans have high expectations from the makers.  


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