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Jack Nicklaus, Legendary Golfer Jack Nicklaus Shares His Vote in USA Election

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The ongoing elections in the United States of America are the talk of the country’s debate and news channels. The world is deliberately waiting to welcome the new president of the USA. Many people along with some of those famous personalities have also cast their votes and contributed to the results of elections. The future holds it all who will be the next president of States. But recently Legendary Golfer took all the attention of netizens and media channels when he shared his thoughts on US Elections. Want to know more, read till the end.

Legendary Golfer Jack Nicklaus Shares His Vote

An 18-time major champion, legendary golfer Jack Nicklaus, shared his vote for president on Wednesday night.
Columbus, Ohio native revealed his voting choice. He initiated the revelation of his vote by telling everybody to vote ahead of elections on Tuesday.

Jack Nicolas votes for President Trump

On social media, Nicklaus, 80, announced that he had voted for President Trump. With a statement on Twitter, The Columbus, Ohio native unveiled his voting preference. He initiated his election announcement by telling everyone to vote in advance of Tuesday’s election. “Get out of there and vote. Oh! I did!said Nicklaus, who then shared why for another four years he would vote for President Trump.

He further added on his statement and said- The way our President says or tweets some things, you might not like, and trust me, I told him that! But I have begun to look well beyond it and concentrate on what he might have tried to achieve. This isn’t really a competition for personality; it’s about patriotism, policies, and the individual citizens they affect. His love for America and its residents has come through loud and clear and placing his nation first. The way he said was not useful to me. What was important were his deeds. Now, you have the chance to take action.

One of the most significant sports stars who have been promoting President Trump, Nicklaus has been one of them.
People also got a few on the other side, of course, which include fellow Ohio native LeBron James advocating Joe Biden.

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It’s indeed probable that the sports world would become even more outspoken moving into the election on Tuesday. What are your views and opinions on the results? Do tell us in the comment section.



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