Fri. Jan 21st, 2022
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On the Huawei Mate 40 series world conference event. Huawei inaugurates many products out of which one is a smartwatch Huawei GT2 Porsche design. The new smartwatch is inspired by the Watch GT2 but uses a more premium all-titanium metal build and sapphire glass screen.

The watch aids all-weather blood oxygen saturation monitoring. The watch is to come out for 695 euros. The Huawei Watch GT2 Porsche Design is procured from features of the Watch GT2 Pro. The GT2 is upgraded in design and is made with help of better quality materials.

Huawei Watch GT2

The Sapphire glass screen can resist high temperatures, conduction of good thermal, high hardness, and infrared transmission. It is scratch resistance up to Mohs level 9. The all-titanium watch’s material and high-tech-specific ceramic materials crafting watch a level up, light, can be not corroded and sturdy.

About Huawei Watch GT2 Porsche

The one design is the titanium butterfly buckle of the Watch GT2 Porsche. The buckle instantly locks while the buckle is lightly pressed. The buckle is released by tapping the bayonet on the dual side simultaneously.

With Sports health, Huawei Watch GT2 Porsche Design moves to the pro mode in sports. The sports model has a skiing and golf driving range, as well as professional track function and support more than 100 sports types, sports mode with professional aid 17, and 6 automatic tappings of sports. There are sleep monitoring, pressure monitoring, and health features.

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The tech is speeding on TruSeen TM 4.0 + with weather heart rate monitoring characteristic listing to ten categories. The Huawei Watch GT2 Porsche Design is prime to aid every weather’s blood oxygen saturation tracker. Users can see the blood oxygen level for different times of the day by using the Huawei sports Health APP to know about physical condition. Huawei Watch GT2 Porsche Design is to go on sale at 0:00 November 1.

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