Huawei to be launched a smart screen for cars running Hongxing OS soon

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Huawei is launching a smart screen for cars mechanized with Honmeng (Harmony) Operating System. Blogger Changan Digital King posted the news. The blogger believes the launch of car smart screens could take the world of digital products by storm. However, Huawei has not declared to launch the Honmeng Operating System in smartphones in the near future. The release date of smart screens has not been announced.

When did Huawei disclose the launch of the Hongxing Operating System?

Huawei unveiled the Hongxing Operating System for four scenarios, namely, home, office, car, and sports at the Huawei Developer Conference on 20th May 2019. On 10th September 2020, at the Huawei Developer Conference 2020, Huawei declared that the operating system will be launched with new networking powers of software bus, data management, and security. The operating system will also have a dynamic user experience system to let the operating system designers connect thousands of equipment all at the same time. The Hanging operating system will slowly be one of Huawei’s ecosystems and many other devices will be added to the team in the near future.

A quick glance at the Hongmeng Operating System

Hongxing Operating system is an advanced network operating system set up on microkernel. The main aim of designing the operating system is to provide the latest developed user experience to all gadgets in all scenarios.
According to Huawei, Honmeng Operating System is totally different from the Android and iPhone Operating systems. The microkernel-based networking operating system provides a tight framework to connect different gadgets. Once an application is designed in the system the app can be shared and accessed across all gadgets connected in the system.

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Features of Hongxing Operating System

  • Seamless Experience – The networking framework and the virtual bus technology of the Hongxing Operating System provides the designers with a system to design applications and update them to the connected devices without creating any other technology to disperse. Moreover, the applications structured in the ecosystem can be used seamlessly by any gadgets of any scenario.
  • Smooth Performance – The Deterministic Latency Engine and high-performance Inter-Process Communication (IPC) will find out the underperformance issues of any gadgets of any scenario instantly. The Deterministic Latency Engine will set the timetable for correcting the faults or underperformance. The timetable will be set according to the depth of the defects. The deeper the flaw, the quicker it will be solved. This will lower the response latency of apps by 25.7%.
  • More Secure – The microkernel used in Honmeng Operating System increases the security of the gadgets structured on it. The main aim of building the microkernel was to clarify kernel performance, use more system services in user modules outside the kernel, and add common security. The operating system uses formal verification procedures in a Trusted Execution Environment (TEE). Trusted Execution Environment is a more productive process to verify all software running paths.


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