Huawei new Patent, clamshell foldable smartphone design with a larger cover display

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These days Huawei has been mesmerizing the customers and technology lovers with all its new inventions and innovations. Again Huawei is on the verge to launch one of its superb products. That is a foldable smartphone. Yes! You heard it right A foldable smartphone. Huawei was one of the first smartphone brands to embrace foldable phones, aside from Samsung.

Huawei has only foldable Mate X and Mate Xs phones, even as Samsung has led with the Galaxy Fold and Galaxy Z Flip series. In the foldable phone race, the Chinese handset company is now reportedly preparing a comeback and this time with a clamshell phone akin to the Z Flip and Motorola Razr. So, if you want to read and learn more about it Do read till the end.


Huawei patents Clamshell Foldable Phone

We’ve covered a number of patents stories related to foldable smartphones lately. Even though companies have been filing as many as the future of smartphones is anticipated to be such devices. That said, Huawei has now patented one other foldable clamshell phone with an unusual similarity to the Galaxy Z Flip.

The HUAWEI Mate40 series was launched as its latest flagship smartphone a few days ago by the Chinese telecom giant Huawei. These devices could be the company’s last high-end telephones in a very long time. However, despite its inability to produce them because of the US ban, the firm continues to patent and invest in new technology. Huawei Technologies has filed the most recent Huawei foldable smartphone design patent with the CNIPA (China National Intellectual Property Office).

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Huawei clamshell is similar to Samsung’s Galaxy’s Phone

On October 23, it was authorized and released. LetsGoDigital was the first to find it, as usual. This patented design looks identical to the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip, the most popular foldable smartphone in 2020. The only major differences between the two are just the integration of a larger cover display, a punch-hole or notch-free inner screen, a vertically-aligned dual-camera setup, and a physical button installation. In other words, by adding a bigger screen to its design, Huawei fixed the biggest con of the Galaxy Z Flip. This panel is, however, uneven on one side
and flat on the other with cursed corners.

In addition, on the left side, the volume rockers sit, while on the right side, the power button is positioned. There is also HUAWEI branding etched along with the logo on the back of the device. Also, since the inner display is without any obstructions, if Huawei ever plans to use this design, it may feature an under-screen camera. Having said that, for that matter, we do not expect Huawei to launch a foldable clamshell smartphone or any premium smartphones in the near future. Only when the US ban is lifted will it happen.



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