Horned Knight

Horned Knight coming soon to PS4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC this winter- 2D action Game

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This year’s winters are going to be like a blossom for all the adventure action lovers. The new game Horned Knight is all set to rock the gaming floor. The dates of release are still made a secret. But it is coming soon in the winters of 2020 that is sure. The two announcements by the developers have surely made the gamer’s heart pounded fast. Check out the full article to know more about it.

Horned Knight

There are two bulletins about one‘s upcoming action-packed platformer Horned Knight coming from 2Awesome Studio, who most recently published Rainswept. First, it will arrive this winter on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC platforms. Moreover, the Steam Demo is now available online to watch for all its lovers! Via Steam as a participant of the 2020 Steam Game Festival: Autumn Edition.

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Horned Knight – A game that is worth to be played for

Horned Knight is an attention-seeking and mesmerizing 2D action platform game from 2Awesome Studio, embracing a golden period of gameplay. You are all set to be ready to rewrite the Hero Knight’s fate in a bid to save the realm. You must overcome all your anxieties, insecurities, and fears. Also, there are various other breathtaking traps such as spikes and lava, and a plethora of enemies, including fireball wielding skeletons and poisonous snakes, and you all alone will be just equipped with your trusty sword and a rather mysterious horned helmet.

Features of the Horned Knight that are just marvelous

One minor error can lead to your death through the 32 levels of pulse banging on the contract. Measured movement and agility are crucial here. What’s good to know is that all these areas will make things easy to jump, air-dash, and slash your way through the accessible and responsive controls. To make sure your hero saves the day here domain, you will have to master the jumping wall climbing technique and perfect the timing of your slashes.

Key Functionalities of the Horned Knight

  • Four realms and 30 levels along with.
  • Tons of superiors and demons to show your power.
  • Controls that are receptive: easy to follow, tricky to master.
  • Beautifully animated graphics with pixel art.
  • Exciting gameplay with action.
  • With demanding patterns and epic scale, intense boss battles.
  • Two difficulty modes, from the story and setting lovers to hardcore action enthusiasts, are suitable for all types of players.
  • An amazingly diverse castle with different environments to explore.



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