Halo 4 PC flight

Halo 4 PC flight will be starting later this month, and anyone can sign up

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Halo 4 PC flight will be starting later this month. However, there is a good news that anyone can sign it up. 343 Industries is the Halo developer. They has announced in a blog post about the test flight for Halo 4. The final game that needs to be ported to the Master Chief Collection (MCC) on PC will get start soon. However, there is no final confirmation about this it will also be revealed soon. You will be able to play campaign missions, twelve Spartan Ops missions, and eleven multiplayers maps to enjoy.

Halo 4 PC flight Features

Halo 4 flighting in Master Chief Collection will se some new Forge features. The features in Halo beta 4 are described below:

  1. Customisation is updated for Halo 4.
  2. Forger will be available for the players during this flight.
  3. For Halo 4 threader will be available.
  4. The complete challenge system includes the Challenge Hub screen. It will be available during the flight with new Challenges for Halo 4.
  5. Input based Matchmaking and crossplay is of TBD based on flight readiness for Ring 3.
  6. Also TBD based server region selection on flight readiness for Ring 3.
  7. TBD based video graphics options.
  8. Now players can choose to see specific channels of in game text chat in this flight.
  9. It will include different levels
  10. Also support for online play
  11. Multiplayer will now have social and competitive games
  12. Assortment of maps will also be Their
  13. Ranked playlist will be available
  14. Social games will be of 4v4, 8p FFA, 12p Infection, 8v8

Settings for Halo 4 PC flight

There are number of settings and options will be available on PC in the bets test. Some of them are discussed below:

  1. Configure Mouse and Keyboard and Configure Gamepad
  2. Video will have field of view, vehicle field of view, Gamma, window mode, aspect ratio, Resolution scale, V synchronisation, HUD anchoring, unified Medal display, frame rate limit, graphics quality
  3. Menu music volume
  4. Game music volume
  5. Effects volume
  6. Voice chat volume
  7. Voice chat channel
  8. Push to talk voice chat
  9. Shoes challenge notifications
  10. Network and relays
  11. Subtitles
  12. Change language
  13. Convert text to speech
  14. Convert speech to text
  15. Text chat availability
  16. Allow untrusted fez
  17. File share trust level

This will be the source of too much entertainment for the gamers. However, this will be loved by everyone.


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