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GTA on Android – Download Size, Device Requirements , Available For IOS

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The 90’s kids will remember the GTA video game. The GTA franchise is one of the PC games’ loved world-wide. The love for GTA seeds from its valiant action scenes, distinct characters, and an enchanting plot.

The series is acclaimed for providing life to video-gamers. The GTA has sent a bar that many video-games aim for. With the advent of mobile gaming, Rockstar Games takes steps to launch games from the GTA series for android and Ios devices.

With 16 games under the banner, 5 are open for GTA mobile players. The anticipation of fans for a new game, the fans continue to obsess over GTA 5 recently updated recently. Mobile games have cons with GTA 5 unavailability for smartphones.
The Android GTA games by Rockstar are pouring away flavors of the game. But, somehow capturing the overall concept is limited for phones. The missions are small-sized pertaining to game size.

With the size of video games and Android Games, in contrast, extracting the original feel seems like a dream. With the Android GTA San Andreas, 2.3 GB for phone, and originally the video game playing on 4.7GB difference is evident. However, the GTA is going to accelerate your gaming passion through Android Gaming.

GTA Android Mobile games – Ranking in order of download Size

Five games are available on Playstore. Arranged in increasing order of size here is the list

  1. GTA Chinatown wars –The game has a storage capture of 0.92 GB and runs around the Chinese citizens having wars
  2. GTA 3- The game requires the storage of 1.3 GB
  3. GTA Vice City- The game is of 1.5GB size. Vice city gives you a taste of beach life but with looting, and murders.
  4. GTA Liberty City Stories – With 2 GB spacing the Grand Theft Auto Liberty City Stories is enthralling.
  5. GTA San Andreas- With the highest spacing of 2.6GB GTA San Andreas is my favorite with the ability to swim, loot and take on weapons.


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