Gotham Season 6 - Will it be Renewed - Release date, Cast, Plot what more we know

Gotham Season 6 – Will it be Renewed – Release date, Cast, Plot what more we know

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Gotham, a television series developed by Bruno Heller and produced by Warner Bros. The popular crime detective show was launched in September 22, 2014 and broadcasted it’s fifth season on April 25,2019 and broadcasted on Fox Network of the United States of America. Gotham has gained popularity across the world. The sudden ending of season 5 with only 12 episodes raised many questions in the viewer’s minds. Since April 2019, the show followers are waiting for season 6. Though, some viewers believe that show ended on the fifth season.

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Gotham Season 6 Release Date

Gotham has not announced the official launch date of Season 6. Looking at the 12 episode Season 5 show in a no suspense in the end, we can believe that Season 5 was the finale of the Gotham Series. Moreover, the other reason could be that show producers are running out of plots.

Gotham Season 6 Cast

Producers have not released the cast details of Season 6 We expect, there will not be changes. Gotham Season 6 cast are below.

  • James Gordon by Ben McKenzie.
  •  Sofia Falcone by Crystal Reed.
  • Ra’s al Ghul by Alexander Siddig.
  • Jervis Tetch / Mad Hatter by Benedict Samuel.
  • Harvey Bullock by Donal Logue.
  • Bruce Wayne by David Mazouz.
  • Sarah Essen by Zabryna Guevara.
  • Alfred Pennyworth by Sean Pertwee.
  • Oswald Cobblepot / The Penguin by Robin Lord Taylor.
  • Barbara Kean by Erin Richards.
  • Selina “Cat” Kyle by Camren Bicondova .
  • Edward Nygma / The Riddler by Cory Michael Smith.
  • Renee Montoya by Victoria Cartagena .
  • Crispus Allen by Andrew Stewart-Jones.
  • Carmine Falcone by John Doman.
  • Fish Mooney by Jada Pinkett Smith.
  • Leslie “Lee” Thompkins by Morena Baccarin.
  • Theo Galavan / Azrael by James Frain .
  • Tabitha Galavan / Tigress by Jessica Lucas .
  • Lucius Fox by Chris Chalk.
  • Butch Gilzean / Cyrus Gold / Solomon Grundy by Drew Powell.
  • Harvey Dent by Nicholas D’Agosto.
  • Nathaniel Barnes/The Executioner by Michael Chiklis.
  • Ivy “Pamela” Pepper by Maggie Geha.

Gotham Season 6 Plot

The story revolves around the protagonist James Gordon and how he resolves underworld crimes in the city with his partner and investigator Harvey Williams at the time when the city is full of underworld crimes. The season ends showing the events after a decade. Gordon finds many heroes come up to save the Gotham from the criminals when Bullock is set up to be killed. On the other hand, Gordon is sure that Penguin and The Riddler are returning to their old killer form. In the mean time Bruce returns to Gotham to inaugurate Wayne Tower. T he plot of season 6 has not been declared.

Gotham Season 6 – Other Details

Gotham had a compelling content and viewers from all across the world. However the show had very low ratings. The score kept dropping from 2.2 in season 1 to 1.0 in season 4. For this reason Gotham’s production decided to reduce season 5 episodes to just 12. That is the main reason behind cancelling of the Gotham Season 6.


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