Mon. Jan 24th, 2022
Google Play Music
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We’ve known for a long time that Google play is dying. The death has been officially stated, but this time it is real. Google has wrapped up the GPM app forever on the Android store and web. Giving them all out to what was in just clean bold.

When you open the Android app now one is like to see a white screen with a play Music logo. Converting GPM into a Youtube Music screen. Bold words stating that GPM will no longer be there and telling one can shift the complete library to YTM.

Google Play Music

Two buttons are present, one to ace the process of transfer and the other for data access. The second button reverts to the Google Play Music site downloading and removing the entire music list and clearing the recommended library. Once the work is done, the app’s widget will disappear on its own from the home screen if it is added there.

Can we get back to Google Play Music?

Death is a chemical change no change can be done. Right now the damage isn’t that intensive but with its spreading to more users change will be seen. The people thinking if manual date change can help save the app’s falling, it does not work.

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The only method is to uninstall app updates going back to the traditional version of Google’s play music. The revert would give the app back. Post this step one needs to turn off automatic updates in Play Store and hope Google doesn’t remove the app.

Google missed out on a swift way to take care of the phone’s data. If there are some music files on your phone for offline playing, it is not allowed now and data is to still take the place by the phone. The smartest way is to uninstall the app and if the device doesn’t go to the app’s drawer.

Move to App Info and select storage. There the GPM’s cache and offline music can be cleaned. If GPM is your choice and streaming is not a problem shift to Youtube Music.

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