Google Pixel 5 and 4a 5G : offers free Stadia, Youtube Premium, and Google One upto 100gb

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Google just introduced an intriguing deal for all of its customers. The company recently released two new phones, namely, Pixel 5 and Pixel 4a 5G, for a comparatively affordable price. To put a cherry on top, it has also announced a variety of freebies on the purchase of these two phones! Along with new cameras, enhanced software features, and super-speed 5G internet, users will also get access to three-months subscriptions to several Google services for no additional cost. In some European countries, users can also get their hands on a free set of Bose headphones.

Freebies by Google

The Pixel 5 costs $699, and Pixel 4a 5G costs $499. On the purchase of either of these, users will get three-months access to Youtube Premium along with Youtube Music. Further, Google has also decided to provide a free three-month subscription to Google Stadia Pro, the company’s cloud gaming platform. Thus, users will have access to free games throughout their subscription period with new games every month. Additionally, Google has offered 100GB of storage with Google One for the same period. Users will also get a Google Play free pass, which turns off ads and delivers free premium apps and games.

Unfortunately, these perks are not available in all countries. Those in the U.K., Ireland, France, and Germany are only eligible for the free Stadia Pro subscription. To compensate for the rest, Google is giving away a pair of Bose’s QC 35 II headphones. However, the offer is only applicable for purchases made before 20th October 2020.

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Limitations to the offer

Along with all the dreamy perks, there are certain limitations to them. Only the new subscribers are eligible for these promos. Existing users of Youtube Premium and Stadia Pro cannot redeem them. If a user has accepted a Buddy pass or any other promo outside of the standard free trial, they are considered ineligible for the same. It also includes the recent Chromebook promotion.

Additional perks for Google Play

Besides all the above promos, Google is giving one away for Google Play too. Any person who buys one of these phones will get free Google Play points. The Pixel 4a 5G gets 150 Play Points and Silver status, but Pixel 5 gets a 600 points and Gold status. For those who are unaware, one can use these points for in-app/game purchases, and even as Google Play Credit. They work as virtual currency. Even though the points offered along with the phones don’t seem much, they are quite essential to the Android gamers.

Google, offering so many beneficial perks, ought to attract a massive crowd! It is a smart way to get more buyers for the phones and more subscribers for the mentioned apps. It’s a win-win for all!


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