Fri. Jan 21st, 2022
Google Pay
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Google Pay earlier Tez has been out of Apple app Store on a transient basis. Google puts out the app to fix glitches, and Gpay will be back on the Apple store with glitch resolution. The Google Pay for iOS is in trouble, not Android.

Google Pay is a digital wallet platform and online payment system created by Google. The app provides tap-to-pay and power-in app features on mobile phones. Users can also make payments via Android smartphones, tablets, and smartwatches.

The Google Pay app is invisible on the App Store for 24 hours now as per reports. The app is available for install on Google Play Store as only the Ios version needs fixing. A Google speaker mentions the Google Pay iOS app will be shortly out on App Store, Ios users can see new app updates very soon.

Google hasn’t told of when though the App will make back to App Store. Google Spokesperson on this mentions that team is working on mending the first thing. Users that are under the effect can reach Google Pay Support via an app for assist. He tells them they are apologetic for the problem.

Google PayWhen can iOS users use it again?

iPhone Users having Google Pay pre-installed can use it. Google says certain iOS users could feel regular payment failures. A similar problem is faced by many I too have faced payment issues regarding Google Pay.

The app is just fine but as soon as one is making payment the glitches start to resurface. The failure shows an invalid UPI ID as a display. When one looks through the app store about Google Pay other Applications are visible like Google Maps, PhonePe, and the like.

Google did similar for Google Pay of Google Play Store. The fixing was done within a few hours and Google pay functioned fine post fixing. Installations were available for Android phones.

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