Google New Update

Google New Update – Ensure a smoother experience for its Google Drive and Gmail users

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Google has taken a small step ahead to ensure a smoother experience for its Google Drive and Gmail users. Those who are aware of how the two applications work will have a fair idea of how tedious it can be to grant access to a file. Even though it’s just a process of two to three steps, it makes users feel lethargic. But now, gone are the days when you had to jump from one app to another! Google has come up with a minor yet simple solution for it.

Google New Update

All about the Google Drive update

When you share a Google Drive file with someone and haven’t turned on the right permission options, the opposite person requests for access. At the point, you get an email saying that the person has asked for access and when you click on the button, Gmail launches Google drive on a different tab or, if you’re on your phone, it launches the app. So, you did not have an option to manage permissions from Gmail directly.

However, Google has made some changes now with its new update. Users will be able to grant access directly from the Gmail inbox. The Google Workspace team has explained the whole process. Gmail users will be able to manage requests without having to leave the Gmail inbox. Users will receive a dynamic email that will give them options to choose the access level and grant access directly. The dynamic email will make it easier for everyone to control these settings.

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How to use the update, and when is it releasing?

The update is already live for those who have turned on the dynamic email option. For those who have not received it yet, it won’t take more than two weeks to get the update. The dynamic email option must be on by default for everyone by now. In case it isn’t on yet, you can go to your Gmail settings and manually turn it on.

Google’s strategy

Google’s small change will surely contribute to its efforts of treating Gmail as a one-stop hub. The company has been trying to build a perspective that Gmail is an all-in-one store application where all your productivity needs are met. Such updates only strengthen their effort to create this perspective.


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