Google Gesture Controls now come to action – Other Updated Features on YouTube App

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Recently Google has announced a series of many latest features for the YouTube app. Accordingly, the latest features introduced as a major update and to bring out several other functions. Subsequently, two of the major notable features are a simplified user interface (UI) along with gesture control. Here is a short picture presenting all the new features updated to the Youtube app.

Google Gesture Controls

Gesture Control & Video Chapters introduced

One of the most important and updated features Google has announced is the Gesture Control. The latest feature of  Gesture Control enables the user to make the YouTube app more efficient than before and will accordingly work for the user. However, this Gesture Controlling feature is quite similar to the gestures accessed on Android 10. Action and performance might be possible to differ. For fast forward or rewind the video 10 seconds, you just required to double-tap to the left or right of that video. In order to enter and exit the full-screen mode, you supposed to need to swipe up to enter full screen and accordingly swipe down to exit.

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The first time Google introduced the Video Chapters feature which allows the users to navigate videos seamlessly. It is already possible to skip any section of a video or replay a specific portion. In addition, the latest feature presents a list view that will be visible after tapping or clicking the chapter title in the player. This function allows you to have the complete list of all chapters included in the video. It results to make it easier to find any of the sections required by the user.

Caption Button get displaced

In order to update the YouTube features, Google has displaced the caption button to another prominent location on the video player of the mobile. Along with that, the autoplay toggle button is also shifted to the new position that makes it easier to turn on or off while watching the video. According to the statement proposed by Google, firstly, they are going to test it on the desktop version in the near future. Google has re-systematized the other buttons on the app to simplify the look.

Other Updated Features

In addition to the aforementioned features, Google has announced some other stunning features also. The latest update includes new suggested actions that notify you to rotate the phone or play a video in VR. There are some bedtime reminders that are aimed to develop the digital wellbeing of a person. For upcoming updates, stay tuned with us.


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