Google Daydream VR platform - latest update that could make you upset

Google Daydream VR platform – latest update that could make you upset

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If you were also engaged with the Google Daydream VR platform then there is the latest update that could make you upset. Unfortunately, Google pulls back its support to the Daydream VR platform. consequently, it resulted in a drop in the Daydream platform. It is very sad to say but the Daydream VR platform is now going to be finally and fully dead.

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Finally and Fully Dead

Last year in October 2019, a report published by Venture Beat quoted that Google was seeking to withdraw its support for Daydream as initiated with Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL. Additionally, it refused to sell the VR headsets on the same day. In 2019 itself Google also degenerated all its Play Movies & TV app Daydream in the month of June. Prior to Google, Hulu already denied further support to the VR platform last September 2019. The support page declared that people may be able to

You may still be able to retrieve the ongoing service, but afterward, they won’t be able to get any more software or any of the security updates. According to the official announcement of the support page, Google is no more seeking to support the VR platform, and it might be possible that the Daydream VR headset not work properly on some devices running Android 11 from now or later.

Didn’t achieve popularity

Recently, Statista proposed a report for VR and as per the reports, overall the VR devices failed to achieve a similar level of fame as attained by other fellow electronic devices may be due to their restricted options to use. A survey performed by Steam’s September 2020 hardware and software, and it found that only 1.88% of Stream users owned a VR headset. And as per the reports of Ars Technica, Sony had come out with the selling of 4.2 Million VR headsets since March 2019 whereas Sony sold approximately 94.2 million PS4s by March 2019. with the conclusion, only 4.4% of PS4 consumers have approached to PSVR headset.

Cause for fall down

From its beginning, VR went through a dumb start. Other headsets allow the users to stick their phones inside the headset and hence allow the phone to place in the close vicinity to their face which provides them a mesmerizing effect. Headsets like the Oculus, Vive, and others have developed built-in displays and hence proven their quality over the years. They have also seemed more comfortable and compatible than VR headsets for PC games.


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