Full Moon and Mars

Full Moon and Mars will be next to each other tonight

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In the month of trick and treat, October has comes with a new treat for the people. On 31 October 2020 trick or treat day, you will see Mars passing close to the moon. This Halloween people will be able to admire such an amazing experience. These celestial events will give you a glimpse of amaze. Such astonishing things do not occur frequently. This time October has its second Blue Moon. It will be visible at 8:19 p.m., the moon will shine brightly in the Aries constellation. This moon is called Blue Moon because if in a calendar month there are two full moon’s then the second one is generally called Blue Moon.

Blue Moon phenomenon

Last time the Blue Moon has occurred on June 30 in 2007. And now on October 31, 2020. It is believed that such a phenomenon will occur on 30 September 2050. This is an amazing opportunity for people to see such natural phenomena. The occurrence of the Blue Moon is generally based on the lunar movements. This is according to the Georgian calendar. But for those who are following the Islamic or Tibetan calendar they might not be able to see such an amazing experience.

Full Moon and MarsAppearance in India

The Indians will be able to see this phenomenon On October 31 at 8:19 p.m. also the people from both North America, South America, Africa, Europe will be able to such phenomena. Europe will see the moon as much as Asians will be able to see.

Brightest Mars

This time the Mars will be the Brightest. Mars supplanted the kind planet, Jupiter, as the fourth brightest celestial body. The moon will pass 3 degrees to the south of Mars on October 29, 2020. After 2years and 2 months, Mars comes in the opposition of Earth. And Earth comes closest to Mars for the Year. Thus the Mars shines brightly, which can be seen from the Earth’s sky. According to the astronomical unit the sun-Earth distance of about 93 million km. Thus such phenomena do not occur frequently. This is a good chance for the people to grab such an amazing opportunity. Most of the Blue Moons look pale gray and white. This is the second full moon so this time the color of the moon remains the same.

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