Foxconn is building AR glasses of its own - Apple's biggest manufacturer , all you need to Know

Foxconn AR glasses : Now building of its own – Apple’s biggest manufacturer , all you need to Know

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Apple may be the first company to revolutionize the eye-wear industry. With a technological twist, Apple is reportedly coming up with a set of Augmented Reality (AR) glasses. The company has collaborated with Foxconn Technology to develop semi-transparent lenses for its AR glasses. Foxconn Technology has been Apple’s largest contract manufacturer. It is responsible for manufacturing most of the iPhones. As per recent reports, Apple’s efforts are finally showing results. The semi-transparent lenses passed the trial stage a few months ago and moved into the trial production phase shortly after. 

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Apple Glass – The process from the beginning

According to an internal source, Foxconn has been working on these glasses for the past three years. At the same time, Apple acquired Colorado-based startup Akonia Holographics. This company utilized a liquid-crystal-on-silicon display to project images inside the lenses. However, it is unclear if Apple is using Akonia’s technology for Apple Glass.

Augmented Reality (AR) is an interactive experience where the real-world and the virtual-world come together. AR glasses and headsets allow people to experience digital content overlaid in their physical surroundings. The lenses are the most compelling components of the device. 

Apple’s published patents for this product were made public in June. However, Apple hasn’t made any official announcement about the same. Many have predicted that Apple Glass won’t hit the markets before 2022 or even 2023.

Foxconn is building AR glasses of its own - Apple's biggest manufacturer , all you need to Know

Apple Glass – Features and Specifications

Reportedly, the AR Glasses are supposed to synchronize with the owner’s iPhone and display all information in front of their eyes. The user will be able to view their texts, calls, emails, maps through their glasses, and won’t have to look at their phone. The Apple Glass will also allow the user to teleport to different locations. Apple Map’s Look Around feature will be more lavish and intricate with the AR Glasses.

Details about the accurate specifications haven’t been revealed yet. However, based on whatever is already out there, one can articulate that the glasses may have the same field of view (52-degrees) and resolution (47 PPI) as Microsoft’s Hololens 2. As Apple wants to bring a real augmented reality solution, it is safe to expect that the glasses will connect to the iPhone via a strong WiFi connection. Bluetooth connectivity is not strong enough to render 3D imagery to the glass at a high frame rate. Further, the battery life will be a minimum of 3 hours. If Apple provides a wireless charging Glass case, the operative time can surpass the expected time limits. There is so much more to Apple Glass that the audience is still unaware of. An official announcement from the company can bring in much more clarity.


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