First INDIAN AAA Game Raji An Ancient Epic is now available on PC, PS4, Xbox One

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Raji: An Ancient Epic, India’s first prominent console-based game, is now available across all platforms. On 18th August 2020, the game was released solely on Nintendo Switch as a part of the Nintendo Indie World Showcase. Hence, the release for other console platforms was delayed. Finally, the game was made available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One last week. Raji: An Ancient Epic is also available on Steam for Rs. 539. It has similar pricing on Epic Games Store as well.

About Raji An Ancient Epic

Raji was classified as an action-adventure game that gives complete exposure to Indian folklore, artwork, and music. The game is focused on a young girl who has to save her brother by battling a demonic invasion on the day of Raksha Bandhan. Raksha Bandhan is an Indian festival for siblings, where the sister ties a rakhi on her brother’s wrist, and in return, the brother promises to take care of her forever.

Raji Developers full story and struggle

Nodding Heads, an Indian gaming company situated in Pune, developed the console-based game. Raji was critically acclaimed for its concept and execution. The publishers, Shruti Ghosh, Avichal Singh, and Ian Maude, had their fair share of problems while developing the game. One of their main concerns was the shortage of funds and lack of investments. The release of the game was delayed for years due to the same. Despite several positive responses to the trailer, they did not get proper sponsors. However, things worked out in the end, and the game is finally live in action.

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The Success of Raji – An Ancient Epic

Raji proved to be a successful launch on the Nintendo Switch. Showcasing a tale of duty and the strong bond between siblings, the game won many awards. It won the Best of MIX Live and Best Game of Show at Display. There are many more award shows scheduled towards the end of 2020, and Raji will surely win many more hearts and awards.

Post the success and positivity that the game received, Nodding Heads said,

Raji: An Ancient Epic is a labor of love that we crafted to share the beauty and wonder of our cultural heritage with gamers across the world. We are thrilled that so many players have already followed Raji on her epic journey with Nintendo Switch and can’t wait for others on PC, Xbox One, and PS4 to enjoy it as well. We hope you love playing it as much as we loved making it!


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