ELEPHONE Elepods X features ANC , Battery up to 6-7 hours and very Similar to AirPods Pro

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Are you fond of listening to music or you love to spend your time listening to some of your favorite songs on earphones! If yes is the answer. We have great news for you. To know more, do read till the end.

Eliminating noise or avoiding the boisterous environment for a moment of peace often becomes a challenge when living busy lives. Many businesses have come up with an Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) mode to solve the problem, which helps reduce the surrounding sound. ELEPHONE is one of them and Elepods X, a wireless earpiece that offers this feature in a decent price range, has recently been launched. Since the implementation of Active Noise Cancellation (ANC), thanks to the immersive experience it renders, the entire game of listening to music, podcast, or calling has changed.


Active Noise Cancellation: What is it?

In order to give the user an immersive experience, this feature helps to damp out environmental noise. An inward-facing microphone is used by Elepods X to identify the noise that seeps into the ear of the user to produce a dignified sound wave that quells the noise. This can be done up to a maximum limit up to 30db of sounds from the environment. The user can enjoy listening to their music like never before when the surrounding noise is hushed out. The Elepods X is definitely inspired by Apple AirPods, after looking at the design.
As with the Apple AirPods Pro, the new Elephone earbuds have a similar mesh microphone design on the stem. This pair provides a crisp sound quality with 9 mm drivers and boasts synchronous transmission technology that delivers sound to both ears at the same time, limiting latency.

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Features and Specifications of Elepod X

  • In each ear, this feature provides a strong anti-interference and a more stable connection.
  • In addition, with two microphones and an AI algorithm that allows the user to make HD calls, Elepods X is enhanced.
  • It collects the human voice and strengthens it, enabling the other person to hear more clearly.
  • To provide a stable and strong connection, this pair is Bluetooth 5.0 compatible.
  • Each earbud has a capability of 50mAH that can offer uninterrupted playtime of up to 6-7 hours (official figure).
  • There is a 550mAh battery in its case that can allow 30 hours of seamless use.
  • The Elepods X can easily withstand water damage and resist accidental bumps and drops, with an IPX5 rating and an ABS plastic body.
  • If used for prolonged periods, the silicone ear tips offer an adjustable fit and avoid causing discomfort.
  • It has a sleek design and is available in two color variants: white and black.



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