Dracula Season 2 – Get Ready For the Next Series, Cast, Plot, Release Date, Everything You Need To Know

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Dracula is a horror, thriller drama series by Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss. The series is based on a novel with the same name by Bram Stroker. Season 1 was released on 1st January 2020, consisted of 3 episodes but there is no news about season 2 mainly because of the coronavirus situation. Neither Netflix nor BBC has released any date for Dracula season 2. Let’s take a look at the plot, cast, and other details.

Dracula Season 2 Release Date

The production has not stated any official date about the release of Dracula season 2. Because of the coronavirus pandemic, everything has been stopped for safety concerns. We can expect the launch of season 2 in 2021 or 2022 depending on the situation. Dracula season 1 got a massive response but no plans are revealed for the making of a sequel.

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The cast of Dracula Season 2

There is no official confirmation about the Season 2 cast but it can be expected the following cast members to be a part of the show.

  1. • Count Dracula by Claes Bang
  2. • Mother Superior by Joanna Scanlan
  3. • Mina Murray by Morfydd Clark
  4. • Elena by Lujza Richter
  5. • Sister Agatha Van Helsing by Dolly Wells
  6. • Jonathan Harker by John Heffernan
  7. • Adisa by Nathan Stewart-Jarrett
  8. • Valentin by Clive Russell
  9. • Duchess Valeria by Catherine Schell
  10. • Captain Sokolov by Jonathan Aris
  11. • Dr. Sharma by Sacha Dhawan
  12. • Lord Ruthven by Patrick Walshe McBride

Dracula Season 2

The plot of Dracula season 2

The makers have not made any revelation about the plot. The show revolves around an immortal Dracula called Count Dracula played by Claes Bang who is the protagonist. Season 2 is could start from where season 1 left off, the ending of Dracula but the question is what will happen in season 2? Will Dracula rise from the dead?

Other Details of Dracula Season 2

In an interview with Radio Times Mark Gatiss hinted that there will be a season 2 of Dracula. He said that it’s difficult to kill a vampire and emphasized by saying “What they do is resurrect.” So fans we have to wait a little longer for the new season.


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