Doom Patrol Season 3

Doom Patrol Season 3 – Exclusively on HBO Max, Release Date, Cast, Plot – Everything you need to know

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Doom Patrol, a show based on the popular DC comics, is officially coming back for a 3rd season. The show premieres on the DC Universe streaming platform. However, it sunk and was later picked up by HBO Max for a 2nd season. Season 2 aired on both the platforms, but season 3 will air exclusively on HBO Max. This news comes as a delight to the fans as they now know that the cliffhanger will be resolved.

Doom Patrol Season 3 Release Date

Due to the on-going coronavirus pandemic, the show had to shut down production before filming the season 2 finale. Thus, fans were left with a massive cliffhanger, and its resolution was at stake. HBO Max later announced that it is indeed coming back for a third season. The official release date for the same is still unknown. Nevertheless, it will possibly come out in 2021. The makers might be able to give us an official date once the show goes into production.

Doom Patrol Season 3

Doom Patrol Season 3 Cast

With everyone’s fate on thin air, it is likely than the entire main-cast will return for Season 3. Fans can expect the following:

  • Diane Guerrero as Jane
  • April Bowlby as Rita Farr
  • Brendan Fraser as Cliff Steele
  • Matt Bomer as Larry Trainor
  • Joivan Wade as Cyborg/Vic Stone
  • Timothy Dalton as Niles Caulder

Additionally, the following people may also return to the show.

  • Abigail Shapiro as Dorothy Spinner
  • Karen Obilom as Roni Evers
  • Samantha Marie Ware as Miranda
  • Lex Lang as Candlemaker

Doom Patrol Season 3

Doom Patrol Season 3 Plot

With the introduction of the Candlemaker, a wish-granting imaginary friend, the Sex-Men, and a time-traveler who has a clock as his head, Season 2 managed to grab a colossal audience. The season mainly focuses on the character development aspect of the show as they tried to defeat their inner demons while fighting real ones. Season 3 will mostly pick-up from where Season 2 ended. It may focus on Dorothy as she gears up to defeat Candlemaker to save her father and friends. With the characters turned into wax, Jane’s fate in the Underground unclear, and a game-changing event on the horizon, Season 2 left many loose ends, which allows Season 3 to explore further.


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