Disney backs OLED TV with 3 year LG deal, ideal viewing experience of their beloved characters

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LG and Entertainment Goliath Disney teams up for three years OLED TV contract. This will see LG supply Disney’s tech. Disney has ownership of Marvel, Star Wars, Pixar, and National Geographic brand. Now the OLED experience has a lot of potentials. Also, the exact plans have not been disclosed by the company. We could guess that the result will be promotional films shown on large screens typically seen in malls and theme parks. Studio LAB is just a few years old. Although it was set up by Disney as a tech hub focused on advancing the art of storytelling. It also includes the partners Accenture interactive, Cisco, and Hewlett Packard.


Overview of Disney deal

This deal between the two will brings the best display capabilities as informed by the company. It also gives the ideal viewing experience of their beloved characters. The Director of the company has said that the excitement to explore the future with awesome engineers. It will also give amazing technology of LG display. However, this seems to be an amazingly cool project for the companies. LG’s OLED panels us one of the most renowned some of the best in the industry. They are in high-end TVs. These are made by Philips and Sony. As well as LG itself is also known for its next-generation OLED displays. It also offers foldable, roll up and see through its roll-up TV was recently on sale in South Korea. However, this is not the first time that Disney has used OLED technology Marvel Studios is already using LG’s 88 inches 8K OLED to examine episodic visual effects and color finish.

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This gives various advantages to the viewers. However, it’s rollable TV is on sale in South Korea. This is available at a sky-high price tag. With the commitment of high technology, best display quality, amazing views experience, and many more. Now the users will be able to grab all these offers now. This will bring too much fun and entertainment to the viewers. The exceptional qualities will give the views an amazing experience. This innovation will be beneficial for everyone. It will make good in the market soon.


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