Disney AI Humanoid Animatronic With Realistic Eye ,teeth realistic and interactive appearance of the robot

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Disney Research has introduced a human-robot. It is a realistic and interactive stare. This is the blank dead eye stare robot. The head features of the robot are realistic this means head motions and eye movements. This new invention and innovation seem to be a blessing for science. This robot does not have proper skin. It looks like a pure unfiltered robot. This robot could do interact through its eyes. Disney has released a video to specify the realistic and interactive appearance of the robot.


Characteristics of Robot

The robot is skinless. It has movable eyes, eyelids, and brows. This has a human-like grace. It also has a fitted chest-mounted sensor. This sensor uses motion detection. It could also activate a series of motors which could help in controlling the interactions. It can also perform movements like breathing, blinking, and saccades. It could behave the complex behaviors like humans. This robot has 19 degrees of freedom. It could make the use of its neck, eyes, eyelids, and eyebrows. All these are operated using proprietary software. This software operates for a 100Hz real-time loop. The camera which is mounted on its chest helps in identifying people within the robot’s field of view. It also has a Behaviour Selection Engine which helps in directing the behavior of the robot. This directing includes read, glance, engage, and acknowledge. It is also equipped with a system that could hold the information for the engaged guests. But when someone leaves the field view then the information automatically deletes the scene.

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