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Destiny 2 – Xur makes a return in the game this weekend, Xur Exotic Armor, Weapons and recommendation

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The season for Destiny 2 players sees extended and according to the sources it is on the way. Bungie has opened out over Destiny’s season and exposed out the version of the Haloween celebration of the 2020 Festival of the Lost. According to some sources, the Haunted Forest is coming back this year exploring multiple treasure hunts to achieve as well as bonuses. Accordingly, the festivities have been all set to begin most probably the next week. Moreover the upcoming few days, Destiny players can surf the exotic merchant Xur. Before going for the Destiny 2 go with this guide for locations, armor, and weapons.

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Xur Exotic Armor

Few days ahead, Xur will be able to be hanged out in his cave closed in Giant’s Scar on Io. As whenever it gets loaded, remember to head through the building with the large drill. Then head left through the gate and chase the sides of the zone to the top left corner of the map.

Xur has not remained the same as the past. It had achieved many updates and upgrades. The armor he now has featured stats and recommendations. Additionally, players will be allowed to use an Exotic Cypher to buy a second fated engram from the merchant. Some previous class armor has been listed below:

  • Skull of Dire Ahamkara – Warlock helmet: was the marvelous warlock exotic armor and too strong according to Bungie.
  • Ophidia Spathe – Hunter chest armor: This one had its specialized perk through which hunters can get two throwing sharp knives.
  • Mask of the Quiet One – Titan Helmet: It is a subclass neutral armor that can be easily grabbed and used the TiTan subclasses. Its unique feature is called Dreaded Visage through which the player can get energy after destruction or harm.

Xur Exotic Weapon

At the beginning of this year, the Hard Light exotic auto rifle positioned itself at the supreme level in accordance with Destiny 2. Mostly, players choose it for its rapid-fire, high damage, and its recoil of near-zero. As per the consequences, the nerf hammer dropped down on the weapon which ultimately resulted in its reduced effect. Although it’s quite a good weapon, it is worth a to go with it as its reloading itself may result in its elemental damage alteration. You should know that R its round fire has a quite less damage falloff, over-penetrate targets, and more specifically ricochet off hard surfaces.

Hard Light exotic rifle possesses some notable perks mentioned below:

  • Polygonal Rifling
  • Alloy Magazines
  • Composite Stock

Recommendations for October 2

We have listed out some recommendations with the entire stock for 2 October 2020. Here is the complete list, have a look

Skull of Dire Ahamkara (Warlock helmet) – 23 Legendary Shards
Ophidia Spathe (Hunter chest armor) – 23 Legendary Shards
Mask of the Quiet One (Titan helmet) – 23 Legendary Shards
Hardlight (Auto Rifle) – 29 Legendary Shards
Fated Engram – 97 Legendary Shards
Five of Swords Challenge Card


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