Deepa Mehta's A Funny boy

Deepa Mehta’s A Funny Boy chosen for Canada’s Oscar Submission after Water

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Deepa Mehta’s Funny Boy will go for Oscar 2021 Submission. In 2007 her movie Water was also nominated for Oscars. Both movies are in the category of an international feature film. This time Funny Boy was picked from 11 submissions by various Canadian directors. Water was filmed in Varanasi. There were two lead actresses Shabana Azmi and Nandita Das. They both played the role of Vrindavan widows. Their head was tonsured. But due to the political issues, it was said that the movie is against the norms of India. It was against Indian culture. Later with all this, she accepted. And after many months Deepa Mehta shot this movie in Sri Lanka with Lisa Ray and John Abraham. It showed how the widows live the utter life, in poverty-stricken conditions, they have very little comfort and joy in their life.

Deepa Mehta's A Funny boyFunny Boy Overview

This movie is also shot in the island nation. It shows the sexual awakening of a boy, Arnie. This movie is essayed by Arush Nand and Bradon Ingram. This shows how his family treats him as someone who is dead against his interest in male classmates. Here the irony used is Funny. This movie will be based on Shyam Selvadurai’s novel. This is the 1994s novel which also has the same title Funny Boy. Funny Boy is all about humanity and hope. This novel shows the time when Sri Lanka has political tensions within the country. This tension was created by the Tamil Sinhalese civil war. The minorities of the community were demanded a separate land. Here in between the tension created in the region. Arjie has some opposite feelings in him, his acceptance for sexual preference as well. Here the movie will show such problems and strengths of the boy. It will all about how the situation was at that time. How the family did not embrace the difference outside of societal norms.

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Such a movie shows what actually the world is, what was the history of the times. These give knowledge to the younger generation and builds up curiosity among them to watch such movies. It will be available from December 10 on Netflix.


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