Covid 19 Vaccination

Covid-19 efficient Vaccination in India may start by January 2021

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India is seeking to start it’s Covid-19 vaccination by early 2021. Recently, the whole world is struggling with the coronavirus global pandemic including India. Accordingly, the research and doctor’s community is working to introduce vaccination. Director of All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Dr. Randeep Guleria, stated that an effective Covid-19 vaccine expectedly starts in India by January 2021.

Covid 19 VaccinationCovid-19 Vaccination In India by January

On the occasion of the India Today Healthgiri Awards 2020, the Director of AIIMS, Guleria,  accepted that it’s uncertain to say anything about the Covid-19 vaccine in India as it relies on a lot of factors starting from the initial trial to its effect against the virus. Guleria mentioned that if all things go in favor then vaccination may start by early 2021. Dr. Guleria also cleared out the initial availability of the doses for vaccination that it will not be enough for the whole nation.

According to Dr. Guleria, the distribution of Covid-19 vaccination in the entire nation will be followed in accordance with the “Vaccine prioritization” Model that will be proposed soon. In the prioritized model, the highest risk groups will be first treated with the vaccine. Those who have a higher risk of coronavirus infection and also a more chance of mortality will be given the vaccine first.

Covid 19 Vaccination side-effects

The whole world is trying for the vaccination and has been created at a record pace. Although, experts have questioned the long-term side-effects of vaccines. Dr. Guleria cleared out for such an issue also. Dr. Guleria mentioned that all three phases 1, 2, and 3 human trials are going parallelly to reduce the time for controlling vaccination. As per the AIIMS director, the patients who will be going to be treated with the vaccination also be under the supervision to study all the long-term side effects in just a short period of time.

India over Covid-19 Vaccination

Along with the whole world, India is also working regularly for the Covid-19 vaccination. India is looking to start the Covid-19 vaccination a few months later and aim to deliver it in the next six months. Union Health Minister Harsh Vardhan affirmed the delivery process for Covid-19 vaccines. After PM Modi, Chief Ministers of Tamil Nadu and Madhya Pradesh announced on Thursday for free delivery of cost for Covid-19 Vaccination.


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