COD Modern Warfare’s Special Ops Survival mode

COD Modern Warfare’s Special Ops Survival mode – Now it has been removed PS4 exclusive

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COD Modern Warfare’s Special Ops Survival mode will lose its sole right to Play Station 4. This scheme will finally close after their Season Six update release. The players enjoying Modern Warfare’s Special Ops on Play Station 4 will lose their sole right to the Survival Mode from this weekend onwards. In October 2019, when Modern Warfare was unveiled, Survival mode was released like a controller only for Play Station 4 players for a time-sensitive period of one year.

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COD Modern Warfare’s Special Ops Survival mode – Good news for the Xbox owners and Personal Computer players

Good news for the Xbox owners and Personal Computer players! Players refreshing your mind with Modern Warfare Special Ops will be finally able to handle the Survival Mode on and from October 1, 2020. Activision, the broadcaster of the game, made the disclosure.

The Play Station 4 and Xbox console owners must download Compatibility Pack and Survival Pack to activate Multiplayer, Special Ops, and Survival features on their game. Personal Computer players will have to do the same thing. You will have to download the packs to activate the special features.

Downloading the game is quite simple. You will have to go to the Co-Op menu. Then select Survival, followed by Download. To download the Compatibility Pack, repeat the same steps but select Compatibility instead of Survival and your mission will be accomplished.

New Features Launched With COD Modern Warfare’s Special Ops Season 6 Update

Modern Warfare’s Special Ops Season 6 free update will bring in many new features. Four updated multiplayer maps, a fresh version of multiplayer mode, a Warzone alternative termed Aremore Royale, an updated Warzone weapon rotation, a few more Operators are just to name a few to the list of added features.

Exclusivity in Games Has Became A Trend Now

Modern Warfare Special Ops is not the only game that got the sole right of a controller. Giving a game’s sole to a particular mechanism for a specific period of time has almost become a trend now.

For example, Modern Warfare: Call of Duty Season 2 specially released the Lucky Strike Blueprint in February this year only for the Play Station 4 Players. The Play Station 4 players individually enjoyed the game until October 1.

Similarly, game designers Sony and Activision remodeled Modern Warfare 2 Campaign only for Play Station 4 game enthusiasts.


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