COD modern warfare crashing : A patch is rolling out to resolves this issue, Confirmed by Infinity Ward

COD modern warfare crashing : A patch is rolling out to resolves this issue, Confirmed by Infinity Ward

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Infinity Ward has released a new patch that will resolve the crashing issues. Players are experiencing on almost each and every platform. When the players download the new update the crash issues get resolved. This new update requires a restart by players. After the re-start only they will get rid of the crash. Many PlayStation 4 users are experiencing the issues while playing the games. However, this issue is not in just one region.

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The new update for Modern Warfare has started COD season 6. In this new update, the users of the Play Station 4 are experiencing a lot of problems while playing the games. The players are getting crash blue screen while playing the matches of Modern Warfare MP. Also, some of the PC players are also experiencing various issues. They are getting error codes throughout their playing time. This is in playing Modern Warfare or Warzone. This is all just after the update. Although, the issue is resolved now. This is not the first time that players are facing such issues. Earlier, Warzone has experienced game-breaking, glitches in recent memory. But this time the issue is more debilitating. However, after 12 hours the issue got resolved.

Other bugs

Earlier in March also the players have faced a lot of glitches and bugs in the game. Due to all this to win the game has become just impossible. Also, some glitches have caused weapons and money to fall through the ground. These have caused various problems for the players. For gamers, there is nothing worst if the game stops in between OR when they are near to win suddenly the game closes. This only develops a sense of irritation among them. However, the developer has started dealing with the problem. The problem is resolved.

Changes after update

The season 6  Call Of Duty: Warzone and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare was launched on September 28, 2020. This has brought various changes in the Warzone. Some biggest changes are:

  1. The game has a new fast travel system.
  2. The players now travel across Verdansk quickly just by using the subway system.
  3. Also, it offers a new game mode called Armored Royale.
  4. Armored Royale spawns the team inside of an armored truck with a gun turret.
  5. This eliminates enemy teams.
  6. New weapons like 12 Gunshot and C4.

Thus the game has become more interesting. Gamers surely like it.


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